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New Pathways to BigLaw

by Latham & Watkins | November 15, 2021

It's not just OCI anymore: Alternative pathways to BigLaw have emerged in recent years, creating more opportunities for new attorneys to land their dream job.

Legal Career Paths: From Practicing Securities Litigation to Empowering Student Athletes

by Vault Law Editors | April 20, 2021

Joyce Anderson left BigLaw for a new career as a tennis coach and student athlete advisor. Today, she's the Co-Founder of Honest Game. Read more about her path.

Legal Career Spotlight: Real Estate Attorney to Stress and Resilience Expert

by Kaitlin McManus | June 04, 2019

After facing burnout, this former attorney left her legal career to become a consultant on stress and resiliency. Read more about her path and her advice on being intentional about your career choices.