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How to Improve Your Productivity in an Open-Plan Office

by Mark Haskell | July 07, 2017

While open-plan offices are becoming more and more popular, they can breed a lot of distractions. Here are three tips for you to improve your productivity if you work in an open office.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Office for Productivity

by Marianne Stenger | September 26, 2016

Whether you work from home, an open plan office, or a cubicle, it’s important to pay attention to how your surroundings are affecting your state of...

Dos and Don’ts for Eating at Your Desk

by Kristina Rudic | August 31, 2016

Did you eat lunch at your desk today? While staring at your phone or computer? Whether you're on a budget, a diet, or just like your own food better...