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How AI Is Impacting Job Seeking and the Skills Required to Get Hired

by Meg Williams | April 16, 2024

We discuss how AI is affecting the workplace, job search, and hard and soft skills recruiters are looking for in ideal candidates.

5 Fast-Growing Gen Z Careers

by Leah Collins | September 30, 2022

Here are five fast-growing professional paths perfect for the tech-savvy and talented Generation Z.

3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Career as an App Developer

by Michelle Laurey | November 10, 2020

Is app development for you? Check out some good reasons for exploring this high-growth career path.

How to Launch a Career as an SEO Specialist

by Mike Khorev | September 29, 2020

SEO careers are great paths for new grads and experienced professionals looking to switch fields. Here's how to launch and build a career as an SEO specialist.

How to Fix the Gender Problem in Tech

by Phil Stott | October 03, 2017

Gender equality in the tech industry is a long way off, but there is a roadmap for it.

Wait, Hospitals Want My Tech Degree?

by Vault Careers | July 22, 2015

Google, Apple and Facebook aren't the only places that are trying to hire people with tech degrees.