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How Women Can Begin to Close the Confidence Gap

by Emily Wiegand | April 03, 2024

In this Vault video, we discuss the confidence gap and how women can use more direct language to be more confident in the workplace.

Influential Women in Tech and What We Can Learn From Them

by Emily Wiegand | March 07, 2023

Here are three influential women who've positively impacted the male-dominated tech industry, along with their best advice for students and young professionals.

Will the Women's Strike Have Any Effect on Workplace Rights?

by Vault Careers | March 07, 2017

We examine what effects the women's strike may have on the workplace--or may not.

Not Sorry: The New Women's Mantra

by Nicole Weber | July 01, 2015

To apologize, or not to apologize? That is the question that has been running through my mind multiple times a day since I read Sloane Crosley’s...