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Life @ BDO

At BDO, we champion a culture of courageous leadership, where everyone contributes to our collective success. We are committed to helping our employees achieve on both personal and professional levels. We want you to make enduring connections, to explore opportunities and to be authentically you: making a difference in ways that are important to you.

BDO’s Core Purpose and Values

Our core purpose is helping people thrive, every day. Everything we do is rooted in this purpose and supported by five core values that guide how we work with one another and how we serve our clients. Together, our core purpose and our core values form the foundation of our business and have informed our firm’s thinking for over a decade.

Core Values: People First. Embrace Change. Choose Accountability. Exceptional Every Day, Every Way. Empowerment Through Knowledge.


As the needs of our people and clients have evolved, so has our flexible workplace strategy. Our approach to flexibility supports the question, “What do we need to do, and how, when and where do we do it best?” The goal of flex is universal: To intentionally and collaboratively achieve high levels of performance by working across the spectrum of flexibility, from in-person interactions to virtual collaboration. This approach gives our people the power to collaborate with their teams to decide where and how they work based on their firm and client responsibilities. Flexibility at BDO is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We encourage our people to collaborate with their teams and find the arrangements that benefit them, our clients and their peers.

Discover how BDO team members make the most of their work+life fit:

BDO is committed to creating programs for our people to enhance their knowledge, gain new skillsets and be exposed to different perspectives. For eligible employees who dream about gaining work experience in different countries, BDO provides the opportunity for experienced professionals to participate in our secondment program.

See what our professionals say about the program:

Stewardship is an essential part of our business. That means we must contribute to the well-being of the communities where we live, work and play for our own success to be sustainable. 

Through our social impact program, BDO Counts, we empower our professionals to give their time, talent and resources by engaging with initiatives at local, regional and national levels. BDO Counts is employee-driven and focuses on four cause areas chosen by our people: Children and Youth, Education and Literacy, Human Rights, and Environment. We encourage their volunteer and charitable commitments, from matching financial contributions to supporting volunteer activities during workdays. For more information, visit our Community Engagement page.


Diversity, equity and inclusion at BDO starts the way everything at BDO starts — with relationships. As we continuously work to fulfill our core purpose of helping people thrive every day, we are focused on understanding the experiences of our professionals, listening to their challenges and ideas, and putting thought into action; not only to better support our people, but to better meet the needs of our clients and our communities. Our collective success depends on fostering inclusion and belonging for all.

For more information, visit our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion page.


In an era of accelerated change, BDO is redefining excellence ― transforming our business to help our clients transform theirs. In our view, innovation is more than an investment in technology. It’s a mindset.

There is a direct connection between our firm’s culture and our ability to innovate. It works best when individuals and teams feel confident in being open and sharing their ideas ― no matter if they succeed or fail. In creating a people-first culture, every individual can bring the best of themselves and their ideas to work every day and help both our people and our clients harness the transformative power of innovation to deliver exceptional results.

To learn more, visit our Innovation page.


For us, sustainability isn’t about checking boxes. It’s about taking steps to continuously evolve our business to be more responsible and more resilient. It’s about doing our part to make a positive impact and be a force for change, leading with purpose, holding ourselves accountable and prioritizing long-term stability over short-term financial rewards.

Investing in sustainable initiatives isn’t just about BDO’s future. It’s about the future of all our stakeholders. That’s why we’re continuing to integrate sustainable practices into everything we do and have made commitments that will help us ensure that our planet and its people thrive.

To learn more, visit our Sustainability and ESG page.