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We pride ourselves on an environment where our people can develop strong connections and meaningful relationships.

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At BDO, we believe that exceptional client service begins – and ends – with exceptional regard for our people. And so we don't just hire individuals with exceptional skills and talent – we provide them with the environment, mentorship, and opportunities they need to develop and grow as professionals. From day-to-day flexibility to the opportunity to make real impact and significant contributions at all levels of employment. Your career with BDO starts here.

“I initially decided that BDO was the perfect fit after attending Pathway to Success, but it wasn’t until nearly three years later that it truly sunk in how glad I was to be at BDO. I was at a BDO national training conference, and the woman who was my small group leader at Pathway to Success gave a great presentation. I had no idea she had become such a hot-shot! Afterwards, I went up to speak to her, and she immediately recognized me and asked how my career was going. I was really shocked – and excited – to have made such a lasting connection within the BDO family.” – Alysa Smith, Assurance Senior Associate

Deciding where you want to start your career is a big – and sometimes tough – decision. After all, this choice has the potential to affect your entire life, from where you’ll live, who you’ll meet, and the opportunities you’ll have. To give you some perspective on how some of our professionals made their decision, we asked them, “How did you know that BDO was the right place for you?” Click here for their answers.

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