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Vault’s Verdict

Greenhill is looking for curious, positive, hardworking candidates with strong academic backgrounds who can hit the ground running on day one. The firm runs a valuable internship program, during which interns receive a lot of responsibility, exposure to senior bankers and clients, and an overall unbelievable learning opportunity. Although the learning curve can be steep and the hours can be long, insiders say it’s very helpful that internships are accurate representations of the full-time experience.

Meanwhile, Greenhill’s full-time junior bankers also receive tons of exposure to very senior bankers at the firm, an extremely strong training program, great communication with international teams, many opportunities to lead various aspects of deals, and access to a collegial culture where everyone is willing to help. In addition, no face-time means work/life balance is strong, hours are generally manageable, and you can work from home when needed.

Greenhill's compensation package is competitive with the Street average, but insiders say that benefits could be better. Although there are few formal wellness initiatives, the firm does provide healthy snacks and some formal programming on mental health. Most appreciative when it comes to wellness is the fact that the firm does a good job ensuring that its team members are not overworked.

With respect to diversity, there are initiatives in place and Greenhill is making strides in this area, but the firm still has a way to go to have a truly diverse staff. As for Greenhill’s business outlook, the firm was recently acquired by Mizuho Financial Group, one of the 15 largest financial institutions in the world, and insiders are very optimistic about the deal. They say the Mizuho acquisition has breathed new life into Greenhill and there should be many synergies, significantly increasing Greenhill’s client base and deal flow.


Hiring Process

“We typically have several interviews that are behavioral and technical in nature with a bit of a stronger focus on technical skills compared to other firms. The ideal candidates will have a strong work ethic and are mature enough to be able to hit the ground running with client interactions very early on.”

“One technical interview and then a Superday with five interviews. Whole process took about a week and a half. The ideal candidate is curious, has a great attitude, and has proven their work ethic in school/extracurriculars.”

“Interview/callback process is efficient. I had a first round, was notified of a Superday on the next day, which occurred the following week, and received offer the next night. Given our small size, the process is competitive and seeks applicants who are truly interested in and excited by Greenhill and are capable bankers.”

“For associate candidates, there is one 30-minutes first-round interview followed by a two-hour long Superday with four 30-minute interviews. All interviews are a mix of technical and behavioral questions. Ideal candidates are technically strong and personable. Greenhill is a small firm, so we cannot afford to hire folks who are not capable of contributing both professionally and culturally on day one.”

Interview Questions

“We use various technical questions around LBO, DCF, accretion/dilution, and other accounting-related questions.”

“How would you value a coal mine? Why are you interested in Greenhill?”

“Rank the betas (from lowest to highest) of a utility company, a high-tech company, and a consumer products company.”

“Merger math and earnings accretion post-share buyback.”

Intern Experience

“You’re given tons of responsibilities up front as well as exposure to senior bankers and clients. Unbelievable learning opportunities early on. Learning curve is steep because of enhanced roles.”

“Direct involvement in live deals. All colleagues, including seniors, are very approachable. Amazing learning experience overall. Hands-on experience and strong mentorship program. Hours can be tough.”

“On-the-job experience is spectacular. Team is great in both Chicago and New York. There is a significant amount of required work (training, etc.) prior to the internship that is unpaid and abnormal for the industry.”

“Best aspect of the Greenhill associate internship experience was its focus on staffing summer associates on real projects, pitches, and live deals. It made the internship quite analogous to what the full-time experience is like, which was quite helpful. I was very happy with my experience.”

Career Development

“Firm does a good job spreading around high-profile projects, allowing juniors to work with the CEO, COO, head of M&A, and other visible bankers, helping juniors to build brand.”

“Unparalleled exposure to very senior bankers at the firm immediately upon starting at Greenhill. If you take an active role in seeking mentorship, and you produce good work, it’s quite easy to get buy-in from senior bankers and get great experience and both formal and informal mentorship and training.”

“Extremely strong training program, great communication with international teams, lots of opportunities to get involved in and lead aspects of deals from an early stage.”

“Everyone is willing to help, from analyst to MD. The firm cares about its juniors and wants to see them succeed. Greenhill is also very supportive of buy-side recruiting and willing to help its juniors attain roles at buy-side firms after completion of their analyst program.”

Quality of Life

“No face-time culture, hours are generally manageable, can work from home when needed.”

“The culture of like-minded, open and supportive colleagues in a demanding environment is one-of-a-kind. The culture is very cohesive across the globe. Hours are not great, but the no face-time culture allows you to leave early if there’s not too much to do at the moment. There could be more support and benefits compared to other banks.”

“We’re very good about creating work/life balance. The last thing we want is people to burn out or be overstretched, because that creates a poor work product.”

“You’re treated as a human being. No strict rules on where you work or how you get your work done. This allows you to maintain a strong quality of life. In terms of optimizing between pay, deal flow, and work/life balance, I'm convinced you can't find a better place than Greenhill Chicago.”

Salary and Benefits

“Base plus bonus is very competitive with the Street.”

“They pay employees well. Satisfactory meal expensing and Uber policy when working late. There are probably other firms with more offerings, but I have always thought our policy was fair.”

“Very satisfied with compensation. Benefits, however, are not great.”

“The formal benefits package is honestly not great. There are only a couple insurance options. There’s not a lot of other perks that I am aware of. However, this is made up for by a flexible in-office work policy with the ability to go in and see people consistently a few days a week while retaining the flexibility of working home a day or two a week and in the evenings.”

Wellness Efforts

“Healthy snacks, and programming on mental health are all helpful.”

“It’s still investment banking, so the hours can be tough. But Greenhill has no face-time culture, and as long as you’re getting your work done and are a dependable teammate, there’s a lot of leeway in terms of hours worked and requirement to be in the office.”

“They are understanding when it comes to letting juniors manage their personal lives. Seniors don't blow up your weekends for no reason. Everyone cares about each other here and is always looking out for one another.

“There are regular (a few times a year) sessions on mental health by outside professionals.”

Diversity and ESG Initiatives

“Very receptive to all people, and making strong efforts to improve diversity.”

“I am a veteran and feel supported and included at the firm. The firm is actively trying to increase other diversity and inclusion practices, and though competition is tough, I think we'll get more representative as time goes on.”

“Diversity across the firm is an area for improvement, but it’s definitely a key focus point during recruiting.”

“We try to push diversity and inclusion efforts, including offering fellowships for minority candidates.”

Business Outlook

“Early this year, Mizuho announced that they'd be acquiring Greenhill. The response is overwhelmingly positive; through this transaction, Greenhill is confident that deal flow will increase given Mizuho's favorable position with many sponsors and corporations. That said, with any merger, there is
always some uncertainty as to how things will ultimately shake out.”

“The Mizuho acquisition breathes new life into the firm, and the sentiment within the firm is generally positive. There should be significant synergies to be realized, as Mizuho has great financing relationships. Tacking on an advisory role to those financing relationships will result in much improved deal flow. Still, it will take time to materialize, and only time will tell if those financing relationships can be leveraged to win advisory mandates.”

“Positioned to thrive with respect to combination with Mizuho. Complementary services offerings as well as leverage of each other’s client relationships will lead to positive momentum moving forward. Growth and expansion is being prioritized.”

“I think the Mizuho acquisition will be a net positive for the firm. It should increase the services we can provide our clients as well as increase our client base and deal flow.”

Greenhill & Co. LLC

1271 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
Phone: (212) 389-1500

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Public
Stock Symbol: GHL
Stock Exchange: NYSE
Chairman: Scott Bok
Co-Heads of Greenhill: Kevin Costantino and David Wyles
COO: Patrick Suehnholz
2024 Employees (All Locations): 370

Major Office Locations

Chicago, IL
Houston, TX
New York, NY
San Francisco, CA

Major Departments & Practices

Corporate Advisory (M&A)
Restructuring & Financing Advisory
Private Capital Advisory