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Vault’s Verdict

Over the past ten years or so, Alira Health has demonstrated an impressive track record of improving the quality and span of its services. Still a boutique firm, Alira Health is steadily building its reputation in an otherwise crowded industry. A firm that specializes in health care, Alira Health is an exciting place to be for those with a passion for life sciences, looking to deliver true value on client projects that have an impact on the lives of others. While the firm is rapidly growing—it’s recently almost doubled its size—its focus remains in healthcare, although its efforts to vastly expand its services still provide a diverse and enriching experience for consultants.

Alira Health’s culture—and, by extension, its value proposition for clients—is driven by people who are passionate about life sciences. The team is multidisciplinary, consisting of bankers, scientists, doctors, businessmen, and professionals from any number of backgrounds. This creates an environment of on-the-job learning, where you can glean insight from a diverse range of perspectives to strengthen your own skills. Alira Health’s growth is driven by its people, and an entrepreneurial mindset is an absolute must.

 It’s not often that we encounter a firm with such few complaints about quality of life or compensation. The cyclical nature and volatility of consulting is inevitable, but an easygoing and communicative culture means that, more often than not, Alira Health consultants feel free to manage their work/life balance as they see fit—despite high-pressure timelines—and have a generally favorable view of how they are compensated for that work.

Firm Culture

  • “Alira Health gives you great opportunities to grow you career and skills and have an impact at the corporate level.”

  • “Challenging development opportunities.”

  • “Great learning experience in a young and enthusiastic environment, where quality and quantity are compensated equally.”

  • “A culture of innovative thinking.”

  • “The culture is very open minded and friendly, with everyone working towards the same goal—to deliver great value to clients and grow the company."

  • “If life sciences are a passion for you, and if you can contribute with some specific experience or relevant know-how in that area, Alira Health is the place to interview.”

Quality of Life

  • "We have an excellent team in our Barcelona office, with ample of opportunity to interact, also informally, with the team. Our office is located in a penthouse, and we have a terrace for team lunches that is very much used and contributes to a stronger team building."

  • “The culture of the firm is one of the best one could ever come across. The team is extremely diverse, yet everyone works together quite well, with similar mindsets.”

  • "Best: good office amenabilities. Worst: client-base orientated, therefore with many extra working hours.”

  • “As part of a consulting firm, hard work with long hours comes with the job description. However, Alira Health’s management is inclined to provide flexibility to employees on how to handle their schedules, their vacation time and remote working.”

  • "Best: travel and time off. Worst: long hours very often.”

  • “Very flexible and still can preserve family time.”

Career Development

  • “We are growing very fast, so there is a need to have talent grow within the company and take on new responsibilities.”

  • “While it is quite a small firm, the level and comprehensiveness of training is impressive and extremely organized.”

  • “Ample opportunity to grow up and to be promoted every two years. Good training processes.”

  • "Very lean structure, which allows individuals to have a great impact on the organization and be promoted. Although, rapid growth means that you need to wear many hats.”

  • “Alira Health is a multicultural company, with great international opportunities and challenging projects.”

  • “There is the right balance between empowering the youngest together with strong mentoring.”


  • “Entry level employees are very well paid.”

  • “Very good salary progression.”


  • "The Alira Health Group has just made an acquisition to double its size, but more importantly, to be able to provide a wider range of healthcare services. It’s a very exciting time for us!"

  • “Great dynamic and growth potential. We’re expanding our capabilities and reach.”

  • “Great motivation at every level of the firm.”

  • "Best:  great executive team and great ideas behind the business. Worst: there are some issues with middle management."

Hiring Process

  • "Year after year, our new employees seem to have stronger CV's. This means they have increasingly relevant academic or business experience in the life science world. I am proud to see how well prepared our staff is these days."

  • "Interview and callback is smooth and very quick.”

  • “The ideal candidate is an entry-level position with at least one year of experience and knowledge of business processes and pharma/healthcare, with a focus on the latter.”

Interview Tips & Questions

  • “Pricing case study focuses on the market entry of a drug.”

  • “Tell me who you are beyond what your CV says."

Alira Health

1 Grant Street
Framingham, MA

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
President & CEO: Gabriele Brambilla
2017 Employees (All Locations): 60

Major Office Locations

Framingham, MA
San Francisco, CA
Barcelona, Spain
Paris, France
Milan, Italy
Munich, Germany

Major Departments & Practices

Pharma & Life Sciences

Healthcare IT & Solutions