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At a Glance


“Extraordinary professional training, great colleagues.”

“Incredible network of people and mentors.”

“The close-knit nature of working on small case teams and getting exposure to many different styles of working/managers at the firm.”


“A lot of moving parts right now with growth, acquisition, etc."

“Hours can get long sometimes.”

“Wish there were more folks in the middle of the project management structure.”

About Putnam

For more than 30 years Putnam operated independently, growing into a premier strategy consulting firm serving biopharmaceutical, biotechnology (cell, gene and tissue therapies), diagnostics, medical device, and related clients in the healthcare space. Today, following an acquisition in 2019, the firm continues to operate under the Putnam name, but as a unit of Inizio Advisory.

Putnam provides objective, high impact strategic advice and analytical services, helping to support clients in crucial business decisions at all stages of the product and franchise lifecycle. The firm's clients range from venture-backed biotechs to Fortune 500 companies, including the majority of the world's major biopharmaceutical companies–indeed, despite being based in the US, more than half of Putnam's projects are global in focus. Putnam's commitment to client success has sustained many relationships that stretch back more than a decade and has enabled continued expansion into new client opportunities every year.

Product evolution

Putnam focuses solely on the life sciences, offering services focused on both development-stage and marketed products. That's good news for clients, who can spend more than 10 years developing new products-including wading through years of discovery, comprehensive testing, regulatory reviews, and commercialization prep-before the products even make it to market. Services space across many spaces and practice areas continue to grow and expand as Putnam grows globally with the opening of a London office and the acquisition of PHMR. Specialties: Pricing and Market Access, New Product Development Strategy, Commercialized Product and Franchise Strategy, Portfolio and Business Development Strategy, and Enterprise Solutions, and Data Analytics and Strategy.

Committed to Long-Term Relationships

By providing insight and long-term support, Putnam has become the strategic partner of choice to a growing roster of clients. That long-term commitment also goes for the firm's employees–rather than being a landing spot for a year or two, the firm wants employees to see the potential for a longer-term career at Putnam. The firm provides both formal and informal mentorship, and cultivates an enriching professional culture. Knowledge development projects delve into the latest breakthroughs in areas like cell, gene, and tissue therapy leading to exciting new clients. The firm promotes community engagement and personal growth. Putnam sponsors a Summer Days of Service initiative driven by staff where Putnam teams volunteer their time and energy to support Boston and San Francisco area community organizations.

When Putnam's consultants do leave, the firm is committed to fostering the professional success of alumni, recently launching a program of alumni outreach and events that bring together a growing roster of former staff that have gone on to success in other biotech pursuits.

Ensuring a Successful Launch

Nearly half of Putnam's projects in the past year have addressed the challenges of bringing cutting edge medical innovations to market. The firm is currently supporting clients on the cutting edge in CAR-T cancer therapies, gene therapies, and stem cell therapies. In a typical recent project, Putnam helped validate the epidemiology of untreated patient populations, then worked with the client to better define unmet medical needs in the therapeutic area. This led to recommendations around endpoints in Phase III trial designs. Putnam then worked with the commercial team to build strategies around introducing the product to target markets. At the same time, Putnam helped build forecast models for key countries and conducted pipeline assessments to help the client keep abreast of fast moving clinical developments among competitors (which also informed in-licensing scans). Whether Putnam's clients are honing their portfolios, developing new products, or trying to grow marketed products, the firm's strength lies in its ability to consistently deliver exceptional work and superior insights on the industry's complex challenges.


501 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 456-5200

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
CEO: Remco op den Kelder
Employees (All Locations): 150

Major Office Locations

Boston, MA (HQ)
San Francisco, CA
New York, NY
London, UK

Major Departments & Practices

Value, Pricing, & Access Strategy

New Product Development Strategy

Established Product and Franchise Strategy

Medical Affairs Strategy

Portfolio, Licensing & Development Strategy

Enterprise Strategy