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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2024): 40 total (1 3Ls; 31 2Ls; 8 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2023): 39 out of 40

Summer Associate Salary:

Summer Associate: $225,000

Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Gabriela Del Aguila
Senior Manager of Attorney Recruiting

Our Survey Says

  • “The firm gave us excellent opportunities to find the work we liked the best, and the people we liked to work with the best. We were treated like first year associates, and were given client-facing roles on important matters.”
  • “Fenwick did a great job of empowering summer associates from the outset. The free-market system gave associates a sense of autonomy, and the ability to choose assignments that interested them. There was a good balance of training and applied experience.”
  • “I received substantive assignments that were similar to assignments I handled as a first-year associate.”
  • “Work assignments were substantive, and I even got client-facing opportunities.”
  • “Our summer was entirely remote in 2021, but the firm spared no expense in hosting remote events to bring us together.”
  • “Although my program was held online due to COVID restrictions, the firm did a great job of making the associates still feel special and connected. There was a great mix of small group and large group activities to allow associates to build deeper connections.”
  • “The firm made several efforts to host virtual social events, such as cooking classes, trivia nights, and more!”
  • “It was still COVID era, but there were multiple online events, mentor circle meetings, and some in-person informal get-togethers during the summer.”
  • “People were far nicer than I expected. The culture really showed up in everyday life, which completely surprised me. All the talk about culture was exactly as the reality of being an attorney was like.”
  • “It has accurately reflected life at the firm. The summer program was free market, but with training wheels on.”
  • “Before joining Fenwick, I thought BigLaw would be boring and miserable. Fenwick is the opposite of those. I work on intellectually challenging, interesting, and important matters.”
  • “No differences, and [I] am actually impressed with the differing level of assignments received so far, and my ability to pick the billable and non-billable work I take on.”
  • “Drag bingo over Zoom was possibly everyone's favorite. Such a unique and hilarious event, that was engaging even via Zoom.”
  • “We had a great virtual cooking class during both my summers—I still use the omelet techniques I learned to this day.”
  • “My favorite event was a pizza-making class, where I got to see partners participating with their families, and we all shared what we had made. It was nice to see the more human side of partners, and for everyone to struggle with something that wasn't work [related] together.”
  • “A game night that the summer associates planned themselves.”

The Firm Says

At Fenwick, summer associates work on real-world assignments critical to our clients’ business strategies. Every individual joins a mentoring circle—with one partner, one junior associate and one member from our employee resource groups—to help navigate the Fenwick experience. Summer associates are also supported with legal training and development programs and partake in social and networking opportunities that are a hallmark of our friendly culture and essential to developing a professional career.