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We didn’t get to be among the nation’s top IP firms by chance. We got there by strategically attracting—and retaining—the top in their field in technology and law. Finnegan takes great pride in hiring at the entry level and developing and promoting talent from within (rather than relying heavily on lateral hiring). This culture creates immense opportunity for those we hire, since we focus intensely on fostering our future leaders from the ground up.


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The Talent Advantage – Training and Professional Development Take a Front Seat at Finnegan

At Finnegan, you will receive all of the resources and training you need to assist you in becoming an exceptional attorney providing superior service to our clients. Sourcing our internal resources and experts, and working with outside consultants, Finnegan offers the following formal training programs:

Transferable Skill Development

Time Management/


Client Relationship/


Verbal & Interpersonal Communication

Business Development & Marketing

Advance Career in Practice Group

Firm Philosophy/ Management

Grit in the Workplace - based on ABA program

Workplace Big 5 - Personality Assessment/ Application in the Workplace

Leadership Training/Coaching – Attorney Review Process

Working with Your Secretary

Business of Finnegan

Transition Panels

Gender Inclusivity

Internal Marketing

Implicit Bias

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Competency: What’s the Connection

Time Management & Billing

Managing Others/ Delegation

Achieving Balance

On-Demand Time Management Web Series

Defeating Digital Distractions

Client Intake Process

Working with In-House Counsel


The Client’s Perspective

Managing the Client


Converting the Lead and Creating Your Best Pitch

Managing a Project Team

Communication Across Cultures and Between Genders

Networking Within and Outside Finnegan's Walls

Speaking in Business Meetings

Persuasive Speaking

Impromptu Speaking

Fine Art of Small Talk

Acting for Lawyers

Painless Public Speaking

Building Persuasive PowerPoints

How Marketing Supports New Associates

Business Development Strategies for New Associates

Intro to PR/Social Media

LinkedIn/Social Media and Business Development - Best Practices

Senior Associate Business Development and Coaching Program

How to Write a Business Development Plan

Business Development 101 (every 2- 2.5 years)

Business Development 102 (every 2 - 2.5 years)

Business Development 103 (bi-annual)

Conflicts & Business Development  (bi-annual)

Patent Office Practice





Potential Arguments to Raise in Preventing IPRs for Orange Book Listed Patents

Prosecuting and Litigating Antibody Claims

How to Use EPO Observations and Oppositions to Help with US Litigation

AIA Litigation Strategy

Multiparty Infringement

IPMT Practice Overview


Best Practices - IPR

Design Patents Training

Finnegan, PTO and You

Prosecution Bootcamp

Developing a Successful Prosecution/Counseling Practice

Claim Construction

Claims Analysis/Drafting Maze

ExParte Appeals


Software Licensing Agreements

Claim drafting and application preparation: Where to start

How to draft an application specification

USPTO prosecution overview and strategies

Filing a patent application: Formalities & Strategies

Responding to papers/OAs in PCT and Foreign

Appeals (briefs and oral hearing)

Patent law: Section 112, Section 101, Section 102, & Section 103

Double patenting


PTAB Roundtables (every other month)

PTAB Petition Drafting Workshop

Intro to PTAB Training Series:

Introduction and Overview to AIA Trials before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board

Discovery and Evidence before the PTAB

PTAB Trial Mechanics, Claim Construction, and Amendments

Drafting a Complete and Compliant Petition

NITA Deposition Workshop

NITA Expert Workshop

UVA Trial College

District Court Litigations

Advocacy before Judge/Jury

Taking/Defending Depositions

Supreme Court Patent Cases

Document Review/E-discovery

Litigation Legal Assistant Department

Litigation 101- District v. ITC

ITC Workshops


Litigation Skill Series:

Direct/ Cross Examination

Prepare Case Offense/Defense

Written Discovery

AntiTrust/ Settlement Agreements

Witness Prep

Claim Construction

Working with Experts

Motions Practice

Arguing Before a Judge and Jury

One-on-one Coaching

Small Group Workshops for New Attorneys

Writing For ESL Professionals

Application Drafting

Writing as an Advocate

Advanced Legal Writing

Brief Writing

Westlaw/Lexis sessions

Litigation Research & Customized Data Mining

Advanced Legal Research

Technical Research


Summer Program

We actively recruit at a number of national and regional law schools for our Summer Associate program (all 5 of our US-based offices have formal summer programs).  Our Summer Associate Program is designed to expose law students to the field of intellectual property law and to provide an accurate idea of an associate's work at the firm. The 10-week summer program stresses professionalism, training, and development. Last year, our summer associates had the opportunity to engage in a diverse mix of work, including: attending trials, appellate and motion hearings, depositions, and client meetings; researching and writing on various patent, trademark, copyright, procedural, and evidentiary issues; prosecuting patent and trademark applications; writing speeches and articles; and presenting reviews of recent Federal Circuit and Supreme Court decisions.

In addition to getting real work assignments, you will have plenty of opportunities to get to know our attorneys. Social events may include poker parties, group lunches, golfing, cook-offs, baseball games, wine tastings, and more. Below are pictures from our events:


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A few words from our attorneys:

“I continue to be amazed by the tremendous diversity of backgrounds and experiences of Finnegan’s lawyers, and I take pride in how we are each able to bring our unique talents together to form a cohesive and strong firm. Over 20 years after first joining the firm as an associate, I am now a partner  in the Reston office. We are constantly looking for talented and motivated law students who are eager to combine their interests in law and science in a challenging yet supportive environment. I can say without hesitation that Finnegan remains the best place to pursue a career as an IP attorney.”

Scott Burwell /Partner, Reston


“I joined Finnegan as a summer associate in 2008 and have been with the firm ever since. When researching law firms during law school, I came across Finnegan and was impressed by its reputation for high quality of work, depth and variety of clients working on cutting edge technologies, and commitment to diversity. After interviewing with Finnegan for a summer associate position, I instantly knew I wanted to join the firm. Everyone I met was engaged in their practice and genuinely happy to work at Finnegan. Years later, the same holds true. Finnegan has provided me with training and opportunities to thrive as a successful attorney, and championed my commitment to diversity through my involvement with organizations like the Hispanic National Bar Association. Finnegan's commitment to develop not just excellent attorneys, but well-rounded leaders is the reason why I would like to invite you to join our team."

Cecilia Sanabria / Partner, Washington


I’ve been with Finnegan since 1994. Originally, I was attracted by Finnegan’s reputation and Student-Associate Program, which provides professional opportunities for law students going to school at night at local law schools. The Firm helped put me though law school and supported my studies, ensuring that I got the most out of my law school experience, including being a member of my school’s law review. After graduating, I helped open Finnegan’s Palo Alto Office, the first domestic office outside of D.C. I am very proud that we were able to replicate in Palo Alto the same culture and reputation for excellence that attracted me to Finnegan in the first place. I was provided outstanding opportunities to work on interesting and important cases, as well as to take leadership positions within the Firm. I have been the head of the Firm’s appellate group, a member of the management committee, the Palo Alto Office’s managing partner, and its hiring partner. I am grateful for the career that working at Finnegan made possible.”

Erik Puknys / Partner, Palo Alto


“When I first joined Finnegan after finishing my PhD, I was hoping for a practice that would allow me to stay close to my scientific roots. Absorbing the groundbreaking science that comes to Finnegan has been like drinking from a fire hose in the best possible way. I feel privileged to have helped steer novel treatments towards patients, by facilitating acquisitions and collaborations that move ideas towards viability, clearing the path for freedom to operate, and developing patent portfolios that reinforce commercial success. On more than one occasion, I have been moved to tears by our clients’ clinical trial results. At Finnegan, I have talented colleagues and supportive mentors who are generous with their time, advice, and giving credit where credit is due.  We also have incomparable clients who, no doubt, are the reason we can have such a collegial environment.  I am not prone hyperbole, and I do mean incomparable:  during my maternity leave years ago, I received nine boxes of baby gifts curated by season and size from a startup client (proudly, the client has since IPOed and launched several clinical trials). I credit Finnegan for launching me into the law, supporting me while I worked and attended Harvard Law School, and continuing to encourage my mixed practice of patent litigation, prosecution, and counseling in the life sciences industry, which is a rarity amongst law firms.  Incomparable.”

Lulu Wang / Associate, Boston