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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 43 total (36 2Ls; 7 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 36 out of 38

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Natalie Quinn
Director of Associate Recruitment

Our Survey Says

  • “I was given substantive assignments and real client contact during my summer. I felt that I was able to contribute to a significant project, and that my contributions were valued.”
  • “I had work assignments from a bunch of different practice areas in my office, and I could solicit out-of-office work. The workload was definitely lighter than the work of an associate; however, I did get substantive experience both in the practice area that I picked, and other areas within the firm. I also had a few attorneys who served as good teachers during the summer.”
  • “I was tasked with meaningful assignments, such as finding critical case law for the brief, or drafting a memorandum dealing with critical questions of law. The firm's training included spending time with the one-on-one writing coach, attending and shadowing the depositions and trials, and numerous quality times with supervising attorneys and mentors.”
  • “The program was highly structured, with mentorship opportunities, training, social events, and an opportunity to meet and work with attorneys in your area of interest across all offices.”
  • “I met some of my best friends from the summer associate program, in my office and in other offices. The summer associate program gives you a chance to bond with other summers, network with attorneys within the firm, and really get to know the partners in your practice group. We had multiple opportunities to fly to Philadelphia, and spend a few days with other summers. In our local offices, we had a ton of happy hours, dinners, and other events.”
  • “There were events scheduled every week for the summer associates.”
  • “I was doing my summer associate during the pandemic. However, quite impressively, the firm was able to organize many meaningful social events in remote settings, to ensure there were adequate interactions between partners/attorneys and attorneys and their peers.”
  • “COVID made things challenging, but the firm worked hard to provide in-person social events to get to know other summer associates. Local office made efforts to have significant social interactions among partners, associates, and summer associates.”
  • “Honestly, pretty similar. Associate workload is heavier, but that was the expectation the firm set, so not surprising. Office has been supportive of gathering work across multiple practice areas as a new associate.”
  • “I have been given a lot more autonomy over my cases than I was expecting, and am sticking with the same cases, being able to see them from start to whatever finish occurs.”
  • “Experience practicing at the firm hasn't really differed from the expectations I had as a summer associate. I have been pleasantly surprised by my experience, because I, unfortunately, did not pass the bar exam, and was extremely worried about my future at the firm; however, Fox went above and beyond to ensure I was supported, and had the resources I needed to take it again.”
  • “It is way more work to be a first-year associate than a summer associate. Additionally, the firm culture seemed much chiller and calmer as a summer. I think that the work is very interesting and intellectually challenging, and most people are nice and good to work with; however, there are office dynamics that were hard to judge as a summer when I was remote only.”
  • “We had a family picnic at the office that was catered with food trucks after work on a Thursday afternoon. It was a really fun atmosphere, with games and food, and everyone brought their families.”
  • “Traveling to Philadelphia for the summer associate firmwide events, where I was able to meet and get to know the other summer associates working in Fox's other offices nationwide.”
  • “Lawn bowling and baseball game.”
  • “One-on-one ‘coffee chats’ with partners.”

The Firm Says

Fox Rothschild’s Summer Program is designed to expose summer associates to a realistic view of what it’s like to practice law. The program provides ongoing interaction with the attorneys on substantive assignments and during varied social events. Summer associates receive work assignments from all departments throughout the length of the program. The assignments are interesting, and the results of that work are used by our attorneys. Special seminars are organized to expose them to each of the firm’s practice areas and administrative departments and to provide training in legal research and writing. They are also encouraged to participate in the CLE programs offered over the summer. Feedback is provided on an assignment-by-assignment basis, as well as through more formal mid- and end-of-summer evaluations. In addition, we encourage all summer associates to provide us with a detailed critique of all aspects of the summer program.