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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 169 total (155 2Ls; 14 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 148 out of 150

Summer Associate Salary:

Summer Associate: $4,135/week

Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Kathryn McNally
Manager, Law School Relations
(202) 346-4242

Our Survey Says

  • “All the work that I was doing over the summer program was substantive. Looking back now that I am a first-year associate, many of the assignments I did as a summer I still do now. The only difference is that more of my work today is ongoing for a specific client, rather than many one-off projects.”
  • “Goodwin gave us the opportunity to participate in ongoing projects with substantive work assignments. We worked directly with mid- and senior-level associates in the same way that junior associates do. The attorneys were patient, respectful, and kind while guiding us through the new procedures of the firm life.”
  • “I felt that I consistently received assignments that I expressed interest in, as well as work that I was unfamiliar with. Receiving assignments in my chosen practice areas was fantastic, but I also appreciated the ability to expand my knowledge base, and make sure I didn't pigeonhole myself in a specialty too early.”
  • “Goodwin has a robust training program for summer associates. We learned about different practice groups, and also had substantive trainings throughout the summer. Goodwin also encourages summer associates to take advantage of its internal training site.”
  • “Goodwin put a lot of effort in organizing social events for the summer associates, and made us experience the collegial and inclusive culture from the very beginning.”
  • “We had multiple social events a week. Especially on Wednesdays, when there was an event for all the summers. The events varied from exercise to cooking classes to volunteer opportunities.”
  • “Even though the summer was remote, we had remote social events each week, which added a relaxing and fun event to the calendar. We had a cooking event, a charity event (putting together care packages for young hospital patients), and other fun events.”
  • “The firm hosted various fun events over Zoom, like a murder mystery night and a few trivia nights. There was also an at-home paint and sip class hosted via Zoom.”
  • “My experience at the firm has lined up with my expectations I had as a summer associate, and I felt the firm did a great job of letting us know what we could expect as a practicing attorney there.”
  • “As a summer, little is expected of you. I was able to log off early, ask lots of repetitive questions, and apologize endlessly for mistakes. As a junior, we are given substantive work early, and substantive expectations. The firm has continued to emphasize patience and understanding, but in turn, it expects hard work and effort in each stage. This is not surprising or unexpected, but it is a difference between summer associates and junior associates.”
  • “I thought I would have more interactions with partners, but they are extremely busy. But counsels and senior associates were incredibly welcoming and patient in teaching me.”
  • “We were promised that we only need to choose our practice after our second year, but now we are told to pick a practice after ten months (around summer of first year). ...”
  • “Team escape room, wine tasting, and kombucha-making events.”
  • “Sushi making, paint night, Magnolia Bakery banana pudding tutorial.”
  • “My favorite summer event was our in-person weekend, where the firm flew in all of the summer associates to their respective offices, and we got to meet all of the people we had been working with all summer.”
  • “Murder mystery, cheese and wine tasting, virtual speakeasy.”

The Firm Says

Boston; London; Los Angeles; New York; Philadelphia; San Francisco; Santa Monica; Silicon Valley; or Washington, DC. Gaining real-world experience is critical as you begin your journey as a lawyer. At Goodwin, we provide summer associates with the resources and tools necessary to provide best-in-class client service from day one. We provide you with a robust training and professional development program, while also giving you the opportunity to explore your personal career aspirations. Through various work assignments, pro bono projects and client interactions, Goodwin gives you the guidance necessary to bridge the gap between law school and the start of your legal career.

What sets Goodwin apart is our people. Summer associates have the opportunity to witness our unique culture firsthand through mentorship programs, social events, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. In addition to helping you chart your course, we provide summer associates with the opportunity to network and collaborate with lawyers, as well as our Global Operations Team, who work diligently to help you succeed both personally and professionally.