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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2022): 201 total (177 2Ls; 24 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2021): 77 out of 77

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Katie Calabrese
Director of Entry Level Recruiting

Our Survey Says

Training & Assignments

  • “The work-related aspects of the summer program were definitely manageable, and the work was not very challenging compared to life as an associate. It did, however, do a great job of exposing summer associates to the firm’s different practice areas and allowing us to meet people throughout the firm.”
  • “The summer program was a mix of substantive work and simulated work to create an understanding of the word processing system and the document management system that the firm uses.”
  • “I was very impressed with the firm’s wide array of trainings, including a simulated transaction that allowed for hands-on experience and mentorship.”
  • “The summer associate program primarily consisted of tasks across a variety of practice areas. Many of the opportunities involved shadowing attorneys on calls or client meetings, which was a very valuable learning experience. Summer associates also have a large number of pro bono opportunities."

Social Opportunities

  • “Social events were fun and not overbearing. Associates here have their own lives, and so while you were expected to come and interact, you were not expected to stay out all night with your colleagues.”
  • “The firm assigned each summer associate to a pod that included summer associates, associates, and partners. The pod met weekly to converse and talk about topics related to the firm, but also on topics of our choosing. The firm scheduled several social events, including improv, trivia, a virtual campfire event, etc.”
  • “The summer program was excellent in terms of social events and camaraderie among summer associates. We were assigned mentors of all levels of seniority, which helped me learn about life at the firm from multiple perspectives and made the department feel much more familiar.”
  • “The firm did a great job connecting summer [associates] with various attorneys throughout the firm through lunches, dinners, and social events. Summer associates also had a lot of time to get to know each other and be resources to each other for work and networking purposes.”

Associate Experience vs. Summer Expectations

  • “There are certainly limitations on the summer program—the universe of work that summer associates can do is limited. However, I did feel that for as much as I was able to experience and learn, it was pretty consistent with my experience at the firm once I came back.”
  • “Overall, people were honest about the way the firm works and the type of work we could expect. If anything, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my experience so far, which has included substantive work and a decent amount of responsibility.”
  • “Practicing at my firm really has not differed from my expectations as a summer associate. My practice area, the work, and the people I work with are all consistent with what I hoped for coming out of my summer associate experience.”
  • “Ropes & Gray represented the firm accurately. The associates I met and talked to during the summer were all very frank about the fact that the work was hard, but that Ropes & Gray was a great firm in which to do that work.”

Favorite Summer Events

  • “We had ‘summer pods’ with a group of attorneys from different practice areas. We would have regular social meetings. I found this to be a great and meaningful way to learn about others in the firm.”
  • “The Red Sox game.” 
  • “There was a Zoom event where we did firm-wide trivia.”
  • “A boat cruise around…Boston Harbor—it gave us a chance to spend time with other summer associates and their partner mentors. I also liked a cooking class we did as a smaller group.”

The Firm Says

Ropes’ summer program offers a rewarding opportunity to experience life at a global law firm renowned for the sophistication of its work and its fast-paced collaborative culture, while working in a major city. Summer associates take on actual client matters for the firm’s leading practices, working alongside partners and firm attorneys. Dynamic training and development programs are a hallmark of this program. Summer associates can participate in a simulated deal negotiation, where summers and the firm’s leading partners real-world an M&A transaction. It’s a hands-on experience that builds camaraderie and practical skills. Numerous other sessions focus on sharpening legal writing skills and ethical lawyering. Summer associates can also gain legal experience working on litigation matters, handling pro bono assignments with a real-world impact, demonstrating a commitment to “practice with purpose”—one of the firm’s most important traditions. The program also includes a wide range of social activities.