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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 170 total (156 2Ls; 14 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 175 out of 175

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Katie Calabrese
Director of Entry Level Recruiting

Our Survey Says

  • “I attended many trainings that turned out to be extremely useful as an associate. I also completed substantive assignments that gave me an idea of work I would be doing as a first-year associate.”
  • “Each summer associate was able to request work in practice groups they were interested in. Central staffing would then work diligently to place summer associates into assignments in those groups. The work was substantive but not super high stakes, and gave you a great feel for the day-to-day. You worked closely with both partners and associates.”
  • “I did a combination of client work (research, basic drafting, sitting in on calls) and pro bono work. There were some training modules (simulated deal work, etc.). Overall, it was helpful, and did not feel like make-work assignments.”
  • “The training we received was top-notch. Per conversations with other peers at other law firms, Ropes has one of the best training methodologies in all of BigLaw.”
  • “Great social events, with associates very eager to also do lunches, coffee runs, etc. The relationships I built as a summer were very helpful once I started as a full-time associate.”
  • “Plenty of social events, lots of opportunities to interact with various practice groups. Camaraderie among summer associates is strong.”
  • “I had several opportunities to meet attorneys at the firm. We had mentors (summer buddies) who were first years at the firm. There were also a handful of chances to get lunch with associates and partners.”
  • “I loved being a summer associate. We had a board game night, a cruise in Boston Harbor, a pasta-making class, a fabulous time at Boda Borg, and opportunities every day to get meals with attorneys. I find it telling that to this day, I'm in a fantasy football league with people from my summer associate class.”
  • “My decision to come to Ropes has only been affirmed—they truly practice what they preach in terms of culture, collegiality, and promoting diversity and inclusion.”
  • “Pleasantly surprised by how much responsibility and opportunity I was given as a junior associate. I frequently interacted with partners as a first- and second-year associate.”
  • “My experience has been surprisingly consistent. BigLaw rumors run amuck in law schools, but I really felt Ropes was as upfront as they could be about training, workload, expectations, etc. And in the event something was unclear, I never felt uncomfortable clarifying with anyone.”
  • “I was expecting to not have a life outside of work due to rumors associated with BigLaw corporate practice, and was pleasantly surprised everyone is very understanding and respectful of your time outside of work.”
  • “The ‘Back to the Future’ event. All attorneys at the firm in my office were invited, and many of them came!”
  • “Table tennis tournament, Yankees game.”
  • “The firm rented out the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum for an evening of dinner and drinks. It was a great event full of excellent people and interesting art.”
  • “Rolling Stones concert.”

The Firm Says

Participating in our summer program will give you a chance to see firsthand what it’s like to practice law at the highest level, to contribute to actual client matters, and to benefit from bespoke training and mentorship. Whether you join us in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley or Washington, D.C., you’ll be exposed to cutting-edge, industry-defining work for the world’s leading businesses and organizations.