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What qualities do you seek in candidates that would make your firm a good fit for them?

Our firm is innovative and fast-paced. Our attorneys are detail-oriented, industrious, and engaging connoisseurs of Medicaid. Our practice involves the interplay of multiple related areas of law, including Medicaid eligibility and reimbursement, administrative appeals, civil litigation, probate, real estate, and guardianships. Prior experience in one or more of these areas is preferred, but passion, purpose, and curiosity are most important. This job requires tenacity, determination, and perseverance as essential skills for the day-to-day job.


Is there formal mentoring in place for associates? If so, how does it work?

All new attorneys are provided with comprehensive onboarding, training and supervision. Senior Partner and Director of Training and Development, Jackie Richardson, oversees the initial training of new associates. Each new hire is paired with a seasoned SHG attorney or senior associate as a mentor for their first year with the firm.

Does the firm offer unique benefits and perks?

SHG is always looking to expand our benefits program and provide our attorneys with the best possible support system. Currently, full-time attorneys are eligible for the following benefits:

  Health and Wellness 

  •  Nationally-networked, Private Group Health Insurance coverage
  • Dental and Vision coverage
  • Short Term Disability

  Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  •  Lifetime subscription to
  • Bi-monthly, firm yoga sessions presented at the South Carolina headquarters with ability for remote participation


  •  401k Plan with 4% match
  • Life Insurance and AD&D policy 
  • Bonusly— peer-to-peer recognition program with cash-out feature
  • Employee Discount Program

  Personal and Family

  •  Unlimited Paid Time Off
  • Two days of Service (In Addition to Paid Time Off)
  • Annual Dependent Care Subsidy 
  • Adoption & Infertility Reimbursement Program
  • Paid Bereavement Leave
  • membership
  • Milkstork benefits 
  • Flexible “Ramp Back Up” Options after leave

  Professional Development 

  •  Annual Educational Reimbursement/Tuition Allowance
  • NBI partnership allowing unlimited CLE 
  • Attorney Training and Mentorship Program
  • Weekly, firm-wide Attorney Collaboration and Development Teleconference


  •  SHG-provided Apple laptop, docking station and accessories, Scansnap, printer, and needed equipment for home office 
  • Annual Technology Reimbursement 
  • Monthly Cell Phone Allowance 

  Co-working and Connection

  • Co-working allowance 
  • Club SHG travel allowance 
  • Participation in firmwide annual retreat 


  •  Personal use of SHG beach-resort condo in South Carolina
  • Personal use of WWTA Travel agency
  • AAA
  • Work From Alternate Location (WFAL) 


What is your approach to fostering diversity and inclusion, and what results have you achieved thus far?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are vital to Stotler Hayes Group. We celebrate our differences in race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, socio-economic status, neurodiversity, marital/familial status, military or veteran status, and all other characteristics which make us unique as individuals. 

Diversity is our greatest strength: differences in thought, experience, and background allow all individuals to thrive, reach their full professional potential, and do great work.

We believe that an inclusive and equitable work environment provides an atmosphere that allows all individuals to attain their greatest potential and achieve the best outcome for our clients. Affirming our beliefs is not enough. We act intentionally to foster an equitable and inclusive community that encourages, respects, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees and partners. Everyone is enabled to flourish. These values are incorporated into all aspects of our work, including advocacy, communications, client relations, hiring, retention, promotion practices, vendor selection, and workplace environment. We are passionate about meaningful change in our firm, the broader legal community, and the communities where we live and work.



 A Great Place To Work

 For the third year in a row, Stotler Hayes Group has been certified as a Great Place To Work. The firm’s highest-scoring areas include Caring, Camaraderie and Respect.

  Caring measures the depth of a manager's genuine concern for the well-being of individuals, encompassing their physical and emotional welfare within and beyond the workplace. Managers who exhibit care are keenly attuned to the profound influence that work exerts on the personal lives of their team members.

  Camaraderie gauges the degree of workplace satisfaction experienced by employees, taking into account the level of connection, openness, and hospitality prevalent in the work environment. It encompasses the sense of intimacy fostered among colleagues, the freedom individuals have to express themselves authentically, and the extent to which employees feel a strong sense of belonging to a unified community.

  Respect quantifies the level of esteem and regard employees perceive from their management. It gauges the degree of support, collaboration, and genuine care demonstrated by management towards their team members. It encompasses the recognition of employees' contributions, their ideas, and their overall well-being, emphasizing the importance of fostering an environment where every individual feels valued, appreciated, and treated with dignity.

 These areas strongly align with our core values and commitment to a thriving workplace.