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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2024): 128 total (111 2Ls; 17 1Ls)

Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Wesley B. Powell
Director, Legal Recruiting
(212) 833-3533

Our Survey Says

  • “The work assignments were substantive but also allowed for plenty of free time to network, speak with mentors, and get to know key people in the firm. The summer did not necessarily prepare me for the amount of work/balance of hours that would be required, but it did give me a window into the life of an associate.”
  • “Weil attorneys were wonderful at being available to answer questions about assignments and providing learning opportunities. Even if the assignments were drafting ancillary documents that ultimately were not used in the deal, it was still a great opportunity to learn how to draft and gain an understanding of deal structure.”
  • “The firm did an excellent job providing us with trainings all summer; some of them were substantive and some were about matter hygiene and email organization. Overall, all of the trainings were super helpful.”
  • “Even though our Summer 2021 experience was virtual, Weil did a great job of incorporating summers into current client matters, including giving us substantive assignments and allowing us to participate in internal and external meetings.”
  • “Weil organized really fun events that helped integrate summer associates into the firm in a natural, seamless way. Partners and associates attended these events, so it was easy to meet others at the firm.”
  • “We have an awesome summer program with lots of social events and great attorney turnout, and [the events] do a lot to facilitate camaraderie among summer associate classes. If there are any negatives, we are working for next summer to have fewer events so that summer associates don't feel like their schedule is too packed.”
  • “Weil puts in so much effort to host events including happy hours, bowling, wine tasting, gnocchi making, and more. I appreciate that the office celebrates the holidays, which contributes to the warm atmosphere, although everyone works a lot. The attorneys here are all great mentors and very caring. My summer class and I were very close, and we still are.”
  • “The social aspects of the summer associate program were hampered by COVID, but the firm did a great job making sure there were events in which associates could have fun and interact. There was an in-person event at the end of the summer that was a lot of fun.”
  • “No differing expectations. I had a clear idea of what the work will be as a summer, and those expectations have proven true. I am doing substantive work, meeting with the attorneys that I want to meet, and am in the practice area that I desired.”
  • “My experience so far has been what I expected from the summer program. We did not work late hours and weekends during the summer program, but the associates did not sugarcoat things when deals were very busy. They made sure we knew what we were signing up for.”
  • “There is definitely more work than when I was a summer associate, but that was to be expected. The work is enjoyable though, and in line with the assignments I would receive as a summer. Something that pleasantly surprised me was how involved the partners in my practice group are and how they genuinely want to get to know you.”
  • “My experience as an associate has largely been the same as it was when I was a summer associate; I feel like people go out of their way to help you and explain things to you.”
  • “At the end of the summer, we had an in-office day for the summers that ended with a cocktail party. I also liked the day of service activity we did. It was helping out in Central Park.”
  • “I really enjoyed our concert (Ariana Grande) and Broadway show (To Kill A Mockingbird), which were more fun social events, but we also had great team-building events, including a treasure hunt at Grand Central and a pizza-making session.”
  • “The firm had a music video competition where summer associates made a music video despite being in lockdown and apart.”

The Firm Says

Weil’s Summer Associate Program is packed with opportunities to learn and develop. Our commitment to your career begins early and is supported by assignment coordinators, associate mentors, social coordinators and Summer Program Committee partners. Summers are staffed on active client and pro bono matters and attend client meetings, negotiations, depositions and court hearings to gain an in-depth view of what it is like to practice law at the Firm. The Firm offers trainings in depositions, negotiations and writing , as well as talks with prominent clients, alumni and Firm leaders. Weil also provides numerous opportunities to socialize with partners, associates and each other.