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Our Business Philosophy: The Collaborative Business Experience 

We compete for business based on our capability to deliver a better solution to our clients. Through our capabilities, offerings, relationships, and methodology, we work in a collaborative manner with our clients. We receive high marks from our clients for our teaming ability. Ultimately, we believe that the Collaborative Business Experience is a durable differentiator. In collaborating with our clients, we are able to build richer relationships where the quality of our work is high, the value of our work relationships grow, and where we have fun. For our people, the Collaborative Business Experience translates into more opportunities, better rewards, more pride of belonging, the best projects and overall, richer professional careers.

Global Reach and Capabilities yet Local Connections 

The sky's the limit for ambitious employees at Capgemini. US headquarters is in New York and our global HQ is in Paris, which only foreshadows our reach. With operations in over 35 countries, you can follow your Capgemini career wherever it takes you. Opportunities to work abroad exist for those employees that have an interest and when there is a need.

Around the US, we have several offices in major cities which serve as your community and family. While you may be on the road collaborating with consultants from other offices and countries at a client site, you'll always have a home to which you can return.

Our Values 

A community of human beings which necessarily confronts obstacles and difficulties every day is even more united, more efficient and more welcoming if it also shares a certain number of common values. Capgemini has successfully grown by cultivating a spirit which has shaped the Group's operating principles and its procedures. For over 40 years, our seven Values have been the cornerstones for collaboration.

Our Values are not a set of words on paper. They are the way in which we conduct ourselves internally as employees and externally as client-serving professionals. Employees that demonstrate exemplary behavior with regards to our Values are recognized and rewarded accordingly.

Capgemini has seven fundamental values which are as follows (not necessarily in order of importance):