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The YOU-Experience at Capgemini

At Capgemini we realize success means something different to everyone.  As a result, we are all looking for something different, something special, from our career and employer in order to achieve success.  Capgemini believes its success rests in the hands of its employees, which is why Capgemini affords its employees the freedom to define their own equation for success. 

Capgemini is like no other competitor or company in the market.  Like no other in that each employee’s experience will be different from the next.  Like no other in that the opportunity is YOU-nique.  At Capgemini you can grow vertically, horizontally, or even invent a route of your own.  Capgemini encourages its employees to take advantage of all available resources; thus allowing employees to define their own equation for success through growth, variety, and proactive responsibility.  At Capgemini your YOU-Experience is boundary-less as it is defined by the way you think and behave.

YOU-Experience Campus Program

Capgemini positively impacts its business by attracting and hiring the very best talent in the marketplace.  We look to identify campus candidates who possess leadership, resilience, integrity, boldness, and superior communication skills. In addition, we couple these attributes with strong business and delivery skills. 

Capgemini is committed to investing in its campus hires through its formal two week on-boarding in North America, Technology Consulting Workshop, extended 5 week on-boarding training in Mumbai, India and continuous action learning project development.  In addition, Capgemini new hires are afforded opportunities to create their own career route.  Brittany Garrison joined Capgemini in August 2010. She has already made significant strides in her post graduate career with Capgemini.  

“Choosing a company where people matter has always been on my career shopping list. Having taken plenty of management classes in undergrad, I knew how important this was to have longevity and success with an organization. Thus, after early interactions with Capgemini, I knew I wanted to begin my career here.

The corporate culture I observed along the interview process is what stood out to me the most about Capgemini. Everyone I spoke with, even executives, made me feel at ease and that I would not only love to work for these people, but with these people. Although their managerial presence still stood, they were very approachable and happy to answer any questions I had. I found this as a breath of fresh air, as many companies with such prestige may not make one feel as though they “fit”.

I was also drawn in by Capgemini’s passion towards the development of its employees. After speaking with a recruiter, I was informed that the learning opportunities are endless at Capgemini as they offer a formal onboarding experience, a Technical Consulting Workshop, extended onboarding, certification programs, and e-learning modules to its employees. Fortunately, I was able to experience this first hand; My first two weeks with Capgemini took place at the American Airlines Training & Conference Center in Dallas, TX, where myself, and a diverse group of new hires attended sessions that educated us on Capgemini as a company while helping us develop our executive presence, and fundamental consulting skills. Following the training in Dallas, nearly half of the group went on to Mumbai, India to experience Capgemini’s Rightshore® approach for five weeks. There, we attended SAP, SA&I, and Oracle training (depending on our Service Lines) in efforts to prepare us for certification, and gain hands-on experience working as a team.  But the learning didn’t end in the classroom, we were also able to take in much of the Indian culture, and see highlights such as the Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Colaba Causeway, and the infamous Taj Mahal,

My time in India not only taught me a great amount about my practice (Siebel, an Oracle Customer Relationship Management application used to help companies manage operational data, gathered via customer interaction, more efficiently ), but also helped my improve my cross-cultural communication skills. I came back to the U.S. feeling prepared for potential projects, and passing the Seibel certification exam.

Since then, I have had exposure to three different industries, created a video about our involvement with the Naandi Foundation, which has been leveraged globally, and the opportunity to help Capgemini bring great talent through my role as e-sourcing lead at Northwestern University. The amount of freedom and ability to choose your path within the company is an amazing feeling and I’m happy to work for a company that knows people matter, and results count”. Brittany Garrison, Campus Hire, August 2010-Chicago, IL

Each Capgemini campus hire has begun their YOU-Experience.  Follow the links below to connect and hear about additional campus hires YOU-Experience.

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Capgemini has successfully brought business solutions to its clients for over 40 years.  Relying on its people, practices, and values Capgemini continues to impact business relations worldwide.


During the week, employees spend more time with their work colleagues than with family and friends. The people you work with can make or break any job for you. Joining the Capgemini team will allow you to be around people who care about each other, who share your work ethic and want to have fun - all the while helping each other to reach new standards of excellence. Capgemini team members are appreciated not only for what they bring to the table as individuals, but also for their humility which allows the collaborative efforts of the entire team to shine. While money, benefits, and opportunity are important, it is the intangibles that add richness to the tapestry of your professional life. Relationships are the cornerstone that will make the biggest difference.