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Vault’s Verdict

ClearView insiders paint a picture of a firm with a rigorous yet rewarding work environment, with opportunities for rapid advancement, early responsibility, and deep learning across the life science sector. However, this intensity comes at a cost to work-life balance, which was the most frequently cited issue by firm insiders. That goes hand in hand with gripes about compensation, with many insiders feeling that the pay on offer—while still generous by most standards—is not commensurate with the effort required.

Of course, the industry has had a bit of a slump of late (with life sciences being no exception) and ClearView appears to have felt its share of that—something that tends to color how insiders feel about their firms. With a better picture projected for 2024, morale may well see an upswing pegged to the firm’s wider fortunes.

All told, a career at ClearView remains an attractive proposition for anyone interested in going deep—and fast—on the life sciences sector. Sure, you’ll be drinking from a fire hose, but that comes with the opportunity to make progress at a rate not on offer in too many competitor shops. However, if your mantra is more “work to live” than “live to work”, this may not be the outfit for you at this time.

Firm Culture

“Be prepared to learn a ton and work incredibly hard and demanding hours. For some it is worth it, for others, you will be disappointed. Anyone who says 50-55 hours per week is lying.”

“ClearView is great place to start a consulting career with lots of responsibility early on and very quick learning, with lots of people supporting that process. Particularly if you get excited about the life sciences.”

“I think if you want to work for a life science-focused consultancy, we're the best in terms of work quality. If you want broader *operational* exposure then the Big 3 should be on your radar as options to consider.”

“Life science expertise. We can go deeper on the key scientific questions and talk to key opinion leaders to get great sense of the market.”

“The quality of the people here is exceptional and the rigor that we apply against projects continues to generate new business at the high-end of the budget ranges.”

Quality of Life

“Firm culture is great. I really enjoy working with the people at CV! Work-life balance can be tough, especially on projects with a difficult client.”

“Hours are long as they are in any consulting firm, but firm-reported average is 55 hours per week. For Analysts/Consultants the firm places a lot of trust/faith in their work but can result in higher pressure. Travel requirements are minimal. Overall there's a lot of emphasis placed on trying to improve quality of life and I think most people can find something to help the balance.”

“The hours can be very long with very short deadlines and understaffed projects. Taking time off is typically doable as long as you communicate in advance. There is very little traveling involved at the analyst / consultant level.”

“Time off requests are typically respected. Colleagues are all intelligent and great to work with on projects. Work-life balance seems to be trending in the wrong direction. With high burn extremely prevalent across offices and not a lot changing to mitigate this.”

“Work life balance is far worse than it was. We are often expected to work far longer than before. Project scoping is often poor, and we are expected to deliver on extremely tight timelines, which can significantly worsen work life balance.”


“Best: Salary has strong base and quick promotion opportunity enables significant growth. For me was >50% increase in first year. Worst: Below top tier consulting competitors (at least I think).”

“Compensation is slightly worse than similar competing firms, and hours are worse. However, pay bands are transparent, and people with a similar positions are paid the same.”

“Pay is relatively high for the field, and quick progression is possible.”

“Salary progression is great. We're higher than most other ‘boutiques’ focused on the LS at the entry level and throughout the band. We are not fully competitive with Big3 but the progression if faster. Pay equality is strongly enforced with no negotiations on starting salary and tight bands for each level.”

“The health plan mostly covers the deductible, which is a great perk. Otherwise, the 401K match is very minimal, and there are very few additional benefits (no commute reimbursement and basically nothing reimbursed for gym memberships, etc.).”

Career Development

“Apprenticeship is the name of the game in consulting. Our rapid project timelines enable you to see a lot in a very short period of time.”

“Best aspects include merit-based promotion at any point. There are no experience or time level requirements for promotion. The culture and people at ClearView are also a huge plus that add to the experience through significant investment in personal growth. Training is also very comprehensive and new hires spend 6 weeks formally on case-based and module-based training.”

“Formal training is frankly outstanding, the development team puts a lot of time and effort into this training and it shows. Informal training is very dependent on who you work with, some managers and leadership go above and beyond while others could not care less about your professional development. A lot of the informal training is what you make of it. As for promotion, they pretend it is a meritocracy, though it is little more than a political game and those who are best at the game make it to the next level.”

“"There are transparent promotional practices and high performers will be acknowledged appropriately. Though we do have formal training for new hires, there is not a lot of mentorship for individuals during projects. Culture is very sink or swim.”

“Very solid development opportunities with clear expectations; not rate-limited by promotion caps, allowing for minimal competition in achieving growth.”

Community Engagement

“As someone with a disability, CV has exceeded my expectations.”

“Firm has invested a lot of time and effort on DEI. Most tangible impacts have been on women representation at all levels of the organization including now multiple partners. Ethnic diversity and specifically a focus on under-represented minorities in the life sciences (African American, Hispanic, Native Americans) continues to be an area of focus - with a key emphasis on training and retaining talent.” 

“Just look at the number of BIPOC in leadership positions, especially women, it's pretty bleak.”

“The firm has invested in DE&I effort, with multiple internal initiative, and social events organized around these themes. There is also diversity at junior levels, and we see a good and growing proportion of women at leadership levels.

However, while East Asian representation is growing among leadership ranks, we still don't see a lot of South Asian and African American.”

“We have several DEI groups, including MOSAIC, OUT, BAC, WomenLead, AAC, JAC, HACER, and more that provide safe spaces for people of all backgrounds to have a community, feel celebrated, and receive support. The firm is very equitable in project assignments and promotion opportunities.”

Business Outlook

“2023 was soft for us and others. 2024 is looking better; continuing to execute on core client demands.”

“Consistently viewed as the highest quality firm by our clients and the industry as a whole for pure play life science strategy consulting.”

“Despite the market downturn across the consulting industry, ClearView has not had a decline in revenues, indicating its strength in the market. Morale is improving in the wake of the downturn, and the firm is rate limited in its growth by how many people we can sustainably recruit per year vs. availability of work. We often turn projects away due to lack of available staff. And this is all despite a premium pricing model vs. other life science consulting firms.”

“The leadership is competent and executing what needs to be done to navigate a challenging environment. Employee morale is low after layoffs and increasing burn.”

“The market for LS consulting is down in general. Firm is well positioned relative to the market but the overall market is depressed.”

Hiring Process

“ClearView is looking for curious, driven, smart individuals. ClearViewers are kind, helpful, and collaborative, rather than competitive. The best part of ClearView is its people, and our interview process reflect that.”

“Looking for highly motivated individuals who are passionate about the life sciences. Some degree of scientific background is key.”

“One screener, two rounds of cases / behavioral. They are looking for high academic achievement from reputable schools with a focus / demonstrated interested in the life sciences.”

“Scientific background, wickedly smart, able to think on your feet, ability to work really hard and diligently. High expectation for own development and performance.”

“We want someone who is smart, intellectually curious, and good at communicating. Science background of some kind is also generally a must.”

Interview Questions

“Behavioral questions (how do you work in a team, what is a time you experienced difficult team dynamics, how do you respond to feedback). Case questions (market sizing, scientific intuition).”

“Case interview examples are on our website.”

“One strategy case, one science case, and behavioral questions.”

“Size the market for a potential drug. Choose the optimal disease target for a particular mechanism of action.”

“Typical life sciences cases focusing on business questions with a life science lens. There will be questions to make sure you understand basic biology.”

ClearView Healthcare Partners

One Newton Place
275 Washington Street, Suite 405
Newton, MA 02458
Phone: (617) 340-2380

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Co-founder: Richard M. Mynahan, Jr.
Co-founder: Steven Chao

Major Office Locations

Newton, MA (HQ)
New York, NY
San Francisco, CA
London, England
Zurich, Switzerland

Major Departments & Practices

  • Licensing and acquisition support
  • Company screening and diligence
  • Therapeutic area growth strategy
  • Mechanism and pipeline prioritization
  • Portfolio management
  • Indication/disease assessment
  • Asset due diligence
  • Launch strategy
  • Product development strategy
  • Brand marketing strategy
  • Life cycle management strategy
  • Pricing and reimbursement strategy
  • Market-specific entry strategy