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EY-Parthenon is one of the largest and fastest growing global strategy consulting organizations, with 7,000+ professionals. We help CEOs and business leaders design and deliver transformative strategies across the entire enterprise, to help build long-term value to all stakeholders.

We help our clients answer their most challenging strategic questions, which — in turn — will help you build the holistic c-suite skillset needed to become a transformative leader. The following questions commonly addressed on our client engagements, illustrate how our EY-Parthenon teams employ big-picture thinking down to bespoke operational tactics to support our clients through complex strategies and transactions: 

  • Is the option to buy vs. build the best strategy to address my digital needs?
  • Where can I cut cost in my business to fuel growth initiatives?
  • In which portfolio business should I invest?
  • Will a divesture optimize the growth and profitability of my business?
  • How can I build competitive advantage throughout my company’s operations?
  • What integration strategy will deliver the most value from my acquisition?

The EY-Parthenon approach to successful business strategy is through our in-depth understanding of industry dynamics by sector. EY-Parthenon’s ten sectors are Advanced manufacturing and mobility (AM&M), Consumer, Education, Energy, Financial services, Government and public services, Life sciences, Healthcare, Private equity (PE), and Technology, media and telecommunications (TMT).