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Our culture

Central to our culture is an environment where you can drive real impact for our clients, our firm and the broader community. Here is how we deliver on that promise:

  • The diversity, equity and inclusiveness our teams

The foundation of our cultural ethos in diversity, equity and inclusion underpins our success and can be felt across the daily life of our people. Here at EY-Parthenon, your point-of-view matters. We’re building a culture where you're embraced for who you are. ​​We help solve our clients’ strategic challenges together by valuing our differences and teaming inclusively. We want you to feel like you belong here because your uniqueness helps us stand apart.

  • The character of our people

While the diversity of our people is paramount, we do look for consistency in the character of our people — Smart. Nice. Driven.℠.  This isn’t just a signpost that we’ve invented to brand our teams. This comes from feedback we’ve received about our people from clients, interns, associates, consultants and beyond. What do we mean by Smart. Nice. Driven.?

Smart: Extremely bright, intellectually curious, blending a command of analytics with an appetite for inventive thinking

Nice: Friendly, approachable style that relishes open collaboration, inclusiveness and partnership 

Driven: Unrelenting energy focused on finding inspired solutions and delivering proactive service. 

  • The entrepreneurial and innovative opportunities

The EY-Parthenon origin story is that of growth — fostered by an entrepreneurial cultural where innovation is embraced and opportunities to participate in our growth are encouraged. Some of the different ways you can make a difference and drive impact across our firm include build tech tools for internal use, lead pro-bono consulting projects, support campus recruiting, work on new client technology, grow a new sector footprint, create trainings for new hires, lead an affinity group, develop thought leadership, lead an office fun committee.

  • Our purpose to Build a Better Working World through social impact

Our firm’s purpose of “Building a Better Working World” is not just a mantra, it’s part of our everyday culture. At EY, we’ve made a commitment to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people by 2030 through our EY Ripples program. This global program drives change through three areas of focus including: supporting the next generation workforce; working with impact entrepreneurs; and accelerating environmental sustainability.

Joining an EY Ripples program is just one way to easily make a difference. Additionally, EY-Parthenon teams drive social change in a multitude of ways, including our client engagements, internal social impact committees, volunteer opportunities and beyond.