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Business in high demand as a result of the economic crisis


Still integrating staff and rebranding new acquisitions in APAC

About FTI Consulting Asia

FTI Consulting thrives when times are tough which means that business has been very good recently. The firm mainly focuses on services for companies that are facing trouble, whether economic, legal or regulatory. The firm boasts 15 to 20 percent of the world market share in economic consulting. 16 percent of its revenue currently comes from overseas, with dozens of offices in Europe, Latin America and Asia, and plans to continuing expanding its activities abroad. 

There are few industries that FTI won't take on, with clients coming from sectors including automotive, chemicals, retail, pharmaceutical, health care, insurance, real estate, financial services, energy, construction, communications, and media and entertainment.  Clients are often big fish- 97 of the top-100 law firms and nine of the top-10 bank holding companies worldwide, as well as 85 percent of the Fortune 100.  President and CEO Jack Dunn told Accountancy Age that the firm "would like to have a global brand where companies feel as comfortable using us as the Big Four."

The nuts and bolts
FTI divides its services into corporate finance/restructuring, economic consulting, forensic and litigation consulting, strategic and financial communications, and technology. The corporate finance division focuses on financial and transactional issues, gathering a wide range of resources and experts to hunt for solutions. The economic consulting arm comprises two main sections: Compass Lexecon, which offers financial analysis of litigation, policy and regulatory issues all over the world; and Network Industries Strategies, which helps network industries like telecommunications, transportation, energy and electric power to move out of regulation and into competitive markets. Forensic and litigation consulting was the original focus of the firm way back in the 1980s, and it continues to be a major revenue generator.  The technology group helps clients use technology to improve security, data discovery and analysis, and workflow management. 

FTI Consulting Asia

1 Macquarie Place
Level 22, Gateway
Phone: +1-561-515-1900

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Public
Stock Symbol: FCN
Stock Exchange: NYSE
President & CEO: Jack B. Dunn
2009 Employees (All Locations): 3,300

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