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Vault’s Verdict

Ignyte Group appears to be going from strength to strength, even in a difficult economy. Insiders note that leadership has been focused on growth and expansion, especially in IT service management, helping to position Ignyte Group to take advantage of an environment that has been marked by staffing shortages and cost-cutting in recent years.

Career progression at the firm is facilitated by a clear structure of expectations at each level, allowing employees to set and achieve promotion goals. The firm invests in its employees' success, encouraging and supporting participation in training, conferences, and workshops. Notably, Ignyte's approach to promotions is flexible and performance-driven, enabling rapid advancement for top performers. This nurturing environment, combined with opportunities for skill development and a focus on excellence, makes Ignyte Group a promising place for career development in consulting and technology.

Ignyte Group will appeal to those who value a blend of technological acumen, client engagement, and a supportive, family-like culture. Those who are passionate about both consulting and technology, proactive in their approach to learning and development, and thrive in dynamic, collaborative settings will likely find a great match here.


Employee Reviews

Firm Culture

  • “Accolades, commitment to the client and support, and the speed in which we turn a backlog into a tailor-made product.”
  • “From the first day I have felt encouraged to seek out new responsibilities and have found leadership exceptionally receptive to new initiatives. I came from a company with a lot of red tape and I found Ignyte a refreshing change from that approach.”
  • “… What sets Ignyte apart is the unwavering support and mentorship they provide. During challenging times, they stood by me and offered invaluable assistance. More importantly, they consistently pushed me to step out of my comfort zone, encouraging personal and professional growth. … If you're seeking a workplace that fosters personal development, offers unwavering support, and values your growth, Ignyte is a place where you can truly thrive. It's a company that not only welcomes diversity but actively champions the professional advancement of its employees, regardless of their background.”
  • “One key factor that sets our firm apart from the competition is our strong emphasis on fostering a family-like culture and accessible leadership for all team members. This unique aspect not only promotes a sense of belonging and camaraderie but also ensures that every individual's voice is heard and valued, creating a collaborative and inclusive work environment that distinguishes us in our industry.”
  • “The work here is very fluid, if you want to transition from management to tech consulting, or vice versa, it is very easy to do. The training and mentoring is constantly there. Great place to begin your career as a recent college grad.”

Quality of Life

  • “Able to keep to 40 hours weeks except for crunch time around project go-lives, which is expected in consulting/development. If we have to work a bunch of overtime Ignyte is very flexible about letting people take time back to make up for the overtime.”
  • “Best: I am really able to get client work done at a high level within a normal 40 hour work week, and have the flexibility to work from anywhere. Thus, work-life balance is really strong and allows me to visit family and continue working from that location.
  • No international opportunities and would prefer to travel at least a little bit, which only higher-level consultants get.”
  • “I have no complaints. It's pretty simple and easy to put in time off if needed. There aren't any travel requirements as of right now." 
  • “Remote-first culture, lots of team bonding events, young culture, decent office presence for those that want to go in from time to time.”
  • “The WFH setting is great and the role also offers some in-person benefits like working in the DC office. The hours are very flexible and manageable as well.”

Career Development

  • “Best aspects are the expectations of each level are very clear so you can make goals to get promoted, and there are options to take trainings to improve skills. Worst aspect is that there doesn't seem to be much mentorship outside your supervisor or training other than individual online classes.”
  • “Firm leadership & higher management are very invested in every employee’s success and growth. Any career development opportunities like trainings or conferences and workshops are encouraged and supported. The company's advocate program allows for an additional informal mentoring resource. An advocate is not your manager which makes the performance evaluation and promotion processes less stressful since your direct manager is not the sole evaluator of job performance.”
  • “Ignyte does not abide by rigid promotion cycles, allowing top performers to be promoted rapidly when ready. As a small business, employees get a wider range of experiences than at a typical firm - allowing for them to grow their skills rapidly.”
  • “My firm's leadership does a fantastic job of encouraging and remaining open to new initiatives that even the most junior folks intend to spear head. They also allow for ample opportunities for career development that extend beyond typical daily job tasks. There is room for improvement in that most opportunities are word of mouth. This makes it challenging for newer folks to be tapped for opportunities that might be a good fit.”
  • “Training opportunities are abundant, promotion process is fair and well thought out. Expectations are laid out clearly regarding what leadership is looking for when it comes to promotions.”


  • “Best: salary is solid and can jump substantially after a promotion which isn't too challenging to get.
    Worst: not much more than that. …”
  • “Compensation seems comparable to other companies when I factor in not having to ever go into the office, but there's little to no transparency about what the salary range is per position.”
  • “I have a competitive salary with room to grow both monetarily and in my position within the company.”
  • “Salary progression is good and goes according to your position in the company which depends on how well you perform throughout the year.”
  • “We have a robust incentive structure in place where managers receive bonuses tied to sales, which serves as a motivating factor and reinforces a culture of excellence. Additionally, the opportunity to receive shares in the company not only aligns our interests with the organization's success but also makes us feel like valued stakeholders in the company's future. It's a win-win situation that fosters a strong sense of ownership and dedication to our company's growth.”

Community Engagement

  • “I feel Ignyte is at a stage were DEI happens without being spoken about. We have so many employees from so many different walks of life. We are smaller, but one of the most diverse firms I have seen in this industry. From interns to upper management we have a wildly diverse group of people.”
  • “I have never experienced any discrimination at work. I know that we have coworkers who are in the LGBTQ+ community and everyone at work learned about their gender pronouns when they joined the company to make sure they are addressed as how they would like to be identified.”
  • “Ignyte does a fantastic job of supporting and championing women in what is traditionally a very male-dominated field. Our culture as a whole is very supportive and welcoming to all sorts of individuals.”
  • “We have an extremely vibrant and diverse work culture, both in regards to representation of marginalized groups, as well as in regards to hiring veterans/having them for internship positions. Being a smaller firm, I think we take great pride in these initiatives.”
  • “While I'm not aware of any specific initiatives related to Ignyte's DE&I efforts, I believe they are committed to creating a diverse culture and providing equal opportunities to all individuals. Roughly half the firm are women and many hold higher management level positions which is rare in the technology industry.”

Business Outlook

  • “Employee morale is great, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to apply our knowledge to other projects/opportunities.”
  • “Firm leadership hasn't shown any signs of slowing down and are continuing to hire and grow the business. We're thriving and keep winning awards with our tech partners so feeling good there too. For our industry (primary low-code implementation work), we continue to win or place well in innovation competitions.”
  • “I believe the company is continuing to grow and will remain competitive with it's industry peers. Leadership regularly updates all employees about the company's recent successes and future prospects and are always interested and open to ideas for growth and innovation. They recently created new roles specifically for business development and technical proposal writing. Ignyte continues to do a fantastic job of maintaining and expanding business with existing clients while also working hard to create new business.”
  • “The best aspects of our firm's business outlook are undeniably the recognition and achievements we've garnered in our partnerships with Appian and ServiceNow. Being the first small business with Elite partnership status in Appian is a testament to our technical expertise and dedication to excellence. Similarly, achieving premier partner status in ServiceNow, along with receiving various awards for our fast-growing solutions, highlights our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and providing top-notch services to our clients. These accolades not only enhance our reputation but also bolster our competitive advantage in the market.”
  • “We have been expanding our reach in the ITSM space and are very competitive with much larger consulting firms in spite of our smaller size.”

Hiring Process

  • “Currently I think the ideal candidate should have an IT background so that they can pick up any of the technologies that Ignyte use to develop and deliver products. Although it is not a requirement, it is helpful to have that background.”
  • “If you get an initial screening, will hear back about official interview quickly after. Process doesn't take long. That being said, won't always hear if you apply and are not selected.

    Ideal candidate: combination of business/tech savvy, good with people and learning to 1) grow 2) be placed on the project you're needed, not necessarily the one you want (really just projects are often similar).”
  • “Our firm's interview and callback process is highly structured and collaborative. We have a dedicated hiring team that maintains open lines of communication with candidates throughout the entire process. This team works closely with the leadership team to gather all the specific requirements needed for each role, ensuring that we find the right person who aligns with our company's values, culture, and vision.

    In terms of the ideal candidate, we seek individuals who not only possess the requisite technical skills and expertise but also fit well within our organizational culture. We value candidates who are proactive, adaptable, and capable of working collaboratively in dynamic environments. Additionally, strong communication and problem-solving skills are highly regarded. Ultimately, our ideal candidate embodies a commitment to excellence and a passion for contributing to our client's success, reflecting our firm's client-centric approach.”
  • “The firm’s interview process is very streamlined. Typically, there will be an intake call with our HR or recruiting department. Then there will be a joint technical and behavioral interview. Then depending on the seniority of the role that you are applying for there may be one additional interview. Candidate will hear shortly after the last interview if we are moving forward with them.
    Ideal candidates are equally passionate about consulting and technology. They are also proactive- eager learners.”
  • “Typically 2-3 interviews to get the job. Ability to meet with the CEO or CTO for just about all employees. Ignyte is looking for folks that can be flexible, as consulting rarely has a cut and dry job position. Looking for people with an eagerness to learn and grow over time.”

Interview Questions

  • “For our technical interviews, we focus on assessing a candidate's practical skills and problem-solving abilities. One common approach is to present candidates with a realistic scenario where they are tasked with developing an application or solving a technical challenge similar to what they might encounter when working with our clients. These scenarios often involve coding exercises, system design questions, or data analysis tasks. We place a strong emphasis on evaluating how candidates approach problems, their coding proficiency, and their ability to communicate their thought process clearly. This approach helps us gauge their technical expertise and their capacity to deliver high-quality work, which aligns with our client-focused approach to technical problem-solving.”
  • “Had to give a sample presentation to show skills and walk through examples of past performances.”
  • “How would you handle a situation where your morals do not lie with the client’s mission?”
  • “Simple coding questions, asking about previous projects and making sure not only the technical knowledge is there, but interpersonal skills.”
Ignyte Group

1990 K St NW
Suite 5R
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 730-0824

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
CEO: Arman Shariati
CTO: Jason Stanis
Managing Directors: Shirin Mostavafian & Dane Harrington

Major Office Locations

Washington, DC

Major Departments & Practices

  • Low-Code and Automation
  • Digital Marketing UX
  • Data and Management Consulting