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Vault’s Verdict

Ignyte offers a true boutique experience with a genuine focus on work-life balance—a concept that doesn’t exist (at least in practice) in too many corners of the consulting industry, but that Ignyte is managing to deliver on. That, in turn, leads to some very satisfied employees, who love the opportunity to maintain a degree of control over their working hours.

On the business front, the firm appears to be growing at a steady clip. Whether that pace can be maintained throughout 2023—and the culture alongside it—remains to be seen, but for the time being this is a firm that should appeal to anyone interested in working on digital transformation projects while also maintaining a life outside of work.

Firm Culture

“Innovative company that gives you the tools you need to succeed if you're a self-motivated goal-getter.”

“It sounds cheesy and is a bit cliché, but I honestly believe it's the people that set Ignyte apart from the rest. There isn't a single, dominating ‘type’ that works at Ignyte. The only thing that is shared by everyone is an acute awareness of self. People share their passions, communicate their boundaries, and bring their full selves to the workplace. I think the people I work with are fun, funny, and genuine; and I think it's that legitimate enjoyment of one another and the energy that brings to a project that sets us apart from the rest.”

“Flexible work hours, flexible in-person/remote system, flexibility to work on multiple clients and projects at one time to learn where I fit in the best.”

“Arman and Jason- our CEO and CTO are the best team to work under and I know that with them at the helm; Ignyte will continue to flourish.”

“We are scrappy and are willing to put in the extra hours and go the extra mile to satisfy our clients.”

Quality of Life

“Best: 40ish hours, ability to work remotely. Worst: never meeting client in person.”

“Great flexible working schedule and conditions.”

“Ignyte has a very flexible work from home policy although this can obviously change depending on the client. My hours are very reasonable.”

“Ignyte offers a very flexible approach to work. Remote work is fully supported, and employees encouraged to travel (personal travel) and work from wherever they want within the US. Going into the office is fully optional, and Ignyte offers a scheduling tool that helps teams and individual employees coordinate what dates they want to go in and which areas of the office they want to reserve. Consulting hours can be long, but Ignyte offers ‘flex days’ to give employees Thursdays/Fridays off if they've worked extended hours the previous week. I appreciate this policy as it recognizes the reality of busy periods in the consulting industry while it still prioritizes the wellbeing of employees.”

“Leadership is well aware that team members have lives outside of work, and they encourage us to enjoy our time with friends and family as much as possible. If I need to work late to meet an early client deadline, my manager will invite me to take the rest of the day off without using PTO. And although I live in a different part of the country, they regularly welcome me to attend various social events and cover all travel and hotel expenses. Ignyte really invests into the well-being of their team members, and the leaders foster a fun atmosphere to work in.”


“Best aspect is the performance driven culture. Worst aspect is that the compensation pool is limited, and as the company grows, and inflationary pressures mount, even individuals that are not top performers will eat more of that budget leaving less to reward the highest performers.”

“If you are not a manager or above there are no bonuses. However, I think our base salary package is competitive with the market.”

“Health insurance is covered by the company and they provide disability insurance and life insurance as well. We have started in-persons socials again and got to go on different activities such as happy hours, golfing, and bowling, etc.”

“Starting salaries are very competitive and often exceed those offered by peer companies. Once enrolled in the 401k plan, the company automatically makes a 3% contribution to an employee's 401k account every pay period.”

“Truthfully, having been at the company less than a year it’s hard to comment on the best and worst aspects of the compensation package. I do appreciate that Ignyte does mid year promotions in addition to end of year promotions.”

Career Development

“Ample opportunities for training related to your projects. The company also provides tuition assistance and covers trips to conferences or workshops.”

“Best aspect is an advocate program so you have multiple contacts/mentors/resources with higher management. Also alleviates possible stress because your manager is not the sole determiner of your job evaluations.”

“Ignyte does an absolutely phenomenal job at making education/training on new systems easily available and accessible. On every company call, employees are made aware of these opportunities and provided with contacts if they want to become involved. Beyond being available, these learning opportunities are incredibly accessible as Ignyte has structures and programs in place that help employees find a specific learning path suited to their interests and the type of work they will be doing. These learning opportunities culminate in official certification exams with companies such as Appian and ServiceNow. I genuinely appreciate that Ignyte helps employees earn industry-recognized certifications as they help with both internal development as well as establishing oneself in the larger tech/consulting industry.”

“Ignyte has one of the best company cultures of any place I've ever worked. The company has a start-up mentality that encourages and embraces new suggestions and ideas. Ignyte is the ideal place for someone with passion for the work they do, as the leadership gives you all of the tools and space you need to bring your ideas to life and create real value. Management is very invested in the success of the employees here, and it shows. They do a lot to ensure that each team member's career is progressing toward their goals, and that hard work does not go unnoticed. I also really love the different opportunities to get involved in diversity groups, volunteering, and fun team events that aren't mandatory for a change. I love it here, and I can't wait to see how far I go with this company.”

“Not having a strict timeline in terms of how long a person needs to work in a certain level before being promoted is a huge plus. It allows people to take on more responsibilities as they become available and be rewarded for their work accordingly.”

“The best aspect of career development opportunities is your access to supportive leadership. If you want to engage in a training or stretch to learn a new cutting-edge piece of software, the CTO and CEO will help get you the resources you need and cheer you on throughout the process. The challenging part for some folks about Ignyte is that you have to be proactive about seeking growth opportunities.”

Community Engagement

“As a woman, it has been incredible to see the firm reach a near 50/50 gender balance and seeing that balance throughout the company, including higher management.”

“I believe Ignyte does an incredible job with D&I efforts. Roughly half of the employees are women, and many of them hold mid-level and senior positions. While I don't know of any specific initiatives related to the topic, Ignyte truly seems to champion diversity as it relates to race and ethnicity as well. I cannot speak for my peers and colleagues as to how they self-identify, but I can attest to the fact that conversations on identify and what makes each of us unique are encouraged. I have been able to have incredible conversations with coworkers on topics ranging from mental health to growing up in an immigrant family, and I have to credit Ignyte for creating a culture and building a team that recognizes the importance of these conversations and of getting to know the people you work with on a deeper level.”

“Ignyte has a significant number of women in management positions- especially for a consulting group specializing in IT. I can’t comment on how Ignyte does with other typically underserved folks, but I have only every seen folks be supportive and inclusive.”

“Roughly half of our team is comprised of women, which is difficult to find in most technology companies. Leadership actively works to recruit the brightest minds and give equal opportunities to people from every background.”

“The company has close to 50-50 split for women to men ratio, which is rare for a technology consulting firm, and we also see women representation in management level. We see people of different ethnicities on different teams across the company. We have recently included a recruiter who is helping us expand our reach to HBCU communities. The company is also committed to helping the local community by partnering with a local charity that helps end homelessness. Employees are encouraged to volunteer with them.”

Business Outlook

“High employee morale, strong competitor, lots of innovation.”

“I think the company is growing quickly, but my confidence in the business outlook stems from the approach leadership has taken to this growth. They are thinking critically about how to grow sustainably and equitably.”

“Ignyte has done a great job leveraging existing connections with software companies such as Appian to build our presence. Management has also been forward thinking on creating strategic partnerships and starting practices revolving around companies like ServiceNow to expand our offerings. A great deal of emphasis is placed on maintaining relationships with existing clients. This has led to many extensions, managed services contracts, and new projects altogether. The balance between strengthening relations with existing clients and branching out to find new ones gives me a positive overall outlook on Ignyte's business prospects.”

“Ignyte is continuing to grow and folks are excited about the opportunities coming down the pike.”

“The firm is always looking for ways to bring innovation in everything we do.”

Hiring Process

“An introductory call where a person should be prepared to discuss compensation expectations and see if Ignyte might be a good fit/vice versa. Then a panel interview with management. Finally a call back.”

“Extremely receptive and quick to respond. I was able to build a personal connection with the HR employee in charge of my recruiting and was not handed around through multiple portals like some other firms I applied to.”

“Quick and straightforward process. Someone willing to learn, ideally a tech background (though not needed), and excited about the firm.”

“The company is seeking for someone who is able to work independently, flexible, and cross-functional.”

“The firm took every initiative to discuss the situation and provided me with appropriate information.”

Interview Questions

“Describe a project you worked on.”

“Describe how to implement an integration.”

“Present one slide on an important project you've worked on before.”

“What is your experience with __ technology?”

“What is the work environment you thrive in the most (full collaborative, individual assigned, etc.)”

Ignyte Group

1990 K St NW
Suite 5R
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 730-0824

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
CEO: Arman Shariati
CTO: Jason Stanis
Talent, Culture & Diversity Officer: Karlie Leung

Major Office Locations

Washington, DC