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Vault’s Verdict

Roland Berger continues to grow its presence in the United States, and while this smaller, yet prestigious strategy consulting firm is still better known in Europe, it continues to gain traction in North America. This provides a unique experience for stateside consultants looking for immediate impact, early responsibility, and extensive visibility to leadership. While Roland Berger’s presence in the United States consists of roughly 100 consultants, the firm has nearly 3,000 employees globally. You’ll receive the close-knit, entrepreneurial culture of a smaller firm, but you’ll be supported by the network, resources, and infrastructure of a larger international consultancy. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Due to its international repute, Roland Berger serves a portfolio of large, high-profile clients, giving you direct access to challenging and impactful client work from the outset. This is a firm for consultants who want to challenge themselves as they develop professionally, who appreciate the freedom and flexibility of a self-starting culture, and who enjoy working across cultures and borders.

Firm Culture

  • “Great career opportunities at a firm that does true strategy work and provides freedom because it values people for their individuality.”
  • “A unique entrepreneurial and diverse culture, forged by the European origin of the company, which makes it stand out amongst top management consultancies.”
  • “The entrepreneurship at the firm – if you have an idea or want to pursue an initiative, the company will do its best to make it happen.”
  • “The company believes in the core values of entrepreneurship, excellence and empathy. Candidates who consider the company should be comfortable with being challenged based on these values and live up to them.”
  • “Ability for consultants to be involved in areas they are interested in - there truly is an open door policy and partners have been happy to discuss areas they are exploring, white space, etc.”
  • “Relatively small size so you get to know most of the people but still linked to a global professional services organization.”

Quality of Life

  • “Best aspects are a culture supportive of taking all days off, an unusually good parental leave policy (16 weeks for either gender), and assorted wellness policies (sabbatical, international transfer, etc.). Worst aspects are those that are the same at any consulting firm - long hours and lots of travel.”
  • “Unpredictability of hours can be challenging, but I would say this is not unique to RB. The hours can range from manageable to quite difficult, depending on the project.  Travel requirements are also very project dependent. Some projects, you will not travel at all. Others, you are at the client Monday-Thursday. It depends on the engagement. In general, we expect to travel ~60% of the year.  Taking time off is easy and encouraged.”
  • “Time off policy is very good. The firm has also worked on significantly improving work/life balance, including better sabbatical, flexible work arrangements and improved parental leave. I’m very proud of the Management Team for committing to these! Travel requirements are high as expected in the consulting industry. Covid-19 will probably change this in the medium term.”
  • “If you book your vacation in advance and communicate to all parties, the firm does its best to protect that vacation. We take vacation time seriously, something I appreciate in an industry as intense as consulting.  Management encourages that you take your PTO time, and the firm is very generous with the time given.  We also have a firm-wide two-week holiday shutdown at the end of every year.”
  • “We have a full [health and wellness] program, sabbatical programs, industry leading vacation time and maternity/paternity leave, B-well reimbursement programs for extracurricular/health related expenditures, counselling services, in office massages, treadmill desks, etc.”
  • “Roland Berger has recently introduced an update to its vacation policy, granting more flexibility and an increase in vacation days. Moreover, Management tries to respect vacation days and weekends and project work is planned accordingly in most cases.”

Career Development

  • “The firm operates as a meritocracy and wants you to succeed. If you are good, there are multiple opportunities every year to be promoted. Promotion standards are generally clear and laid out for junior staff.  If you want to work in a specific industry or functional practice, all you need to do is speak up and you will be heard. There, of course, needs to be a matching need at the firm to your desire, but the firm does its best to accommodate.  There is a high level of transparency regarding career development at the firm.”
  • “Mentoring program actively considers personal career development priorities in staffing decisions for projects.”
  • “Roland Berger offers a wide variety of tailored training programs both online and in-person [pre-Covid-19]. Most of the training comes on the job working on client or business development opportunities.”
  • “There is global scale for formal training, and it’s still a small enough firm at the office and country level where Partners know and discuss the development needs of individual consultants.”
  • “The best aspect is mentorship within the firm. The program is organized and helps immensely with career-building and understanding promotion tracks.”
  • “The firm is growing rapidly, has exciting projects with large, multi-national [clients] that are predominantly strategic in nature, and has a strong focus on a culture of growth.”
  • “Promotion is mostly tenure-based, rather than merit-based. The firm is still behind on its diversity journey, but is taking steps. Training is second to none with well-curated trainings hosted in Germany plus a variety of online training.”


  • “Higher base salaries in general, and performance pay linked to individual and firm with enough discretion to recognize top performers. But It’s not 'unlimited' upside for Partners, which helps promote more cooperation/ healthier culture than many.  Flexibility in hours and less travel than expected are also positives”
  • “Salary is close to in-line, but sits below some peers. Bonus [percentages] are solid. Difficult to understand how one will fall within range of bonus though.”
  • “100% medical coverage, excluding (subsidized) premium payments and co-pays.  The firm also provides an annual wellness allowance to be used at the employee's discretion for wellness-related purchases (running shoes, massages, smart watch, etc.).”
  • “Salary progression is very transparent.  Medical expenses are 100% reimbursed after premiums and co-pays are paid. This is unheard of in the US. It's the best medical program I have ever seen.  We have introduced paternity leave for 16 weeks, which the entire firm is very excited about.  Salary progression slows once you get to the manager level, but picks up again once you get to Principal/Partner.”
  • “Salary is average, bonuses are strong.”
  • “Salary Progression and steady increase of base salary across all Levels in recent years.  Equal pay is the standard and I especially like that the company has started to update its perks, for example allowing the mobility package to be still used for vehicles but also accepting public transport, car sharing etc. as a possibility to spend the package.”


  • “Throughout my career with the company, [there’s been] a steady progression towards becoming a diverse and equal employment company. Initiatives on diversity, such as the company's internal LGBTQ Group, are sponsored by Management. In all of my projects, I had the pleasure to work with a set of smart, talented and diverse individuals from different academic, regional and cultural backgrounds and am very proud that the company fosters this as part of its core values.”
  • “Firm is very passionate about developing female, minority, and LGBTQ talent and has invested a lot of money into recruiting and retention of those employees.”
  • “While diversity seems to have been a challenge, the firm is definitely trying very hard to constantly improve diversity.”
  • “Can always to more to promote equality but salary/promotions are well done and equal.”


  • “Global platform, strong industry knowledge, strategy focus – all should help [the firm] outperform in a downturn.”
  • “Strong position in performance improvement and restructuring, which is critical in the Covid-19 world…”
  • “Rapid growth in the USA - landing huge clients, winning game-changing projects, and expanding industries served. It is a very exciting time to be a part of RB US.”
  • “Roland Berger has technical strengths in industry and thought leadership that outclass our competitors.”
  • “Especially given the company's functional expertise in restructuring, performance improvement, operations and the core industry areas, the current coronavirus crisis will only increase the demand for our solutions and experience in these fields, continuing the strong years of 2018 and 2019.”
  • “Q1 [2020] was the most successful ever for the North American business but hit some challenges with the global pandemic! (Like every other company). Depending on the speed of the recovery, I am confident we can get the business back on track.”

Hiring Process

  • “It was a two-round interview. The first round was a behavioral and case interview. The second round was intensive and consisted of written case, verbal case, and behavioral interview components. The turnaround time was extremely quick and I received a response from each interview round [within] hours after I had completed each respective round.”
  • “We seek entrepreneurial-minded individuals who demonstrate high motivation, intellectual brilliance and a hands-on mentality. In our recruiting process, we try to identify candidates that have the right fit with our core values of entrepreneurship, excellence and empathy.”
  • “The firm is looking for people with high intellectual horsepower, hard workers, and those eager to learn and grow.  If you have an interest in the automotive space, electric vehicles, renewable energy/utilities, chemicals, industrial goods, strategy, M&A, or operations then Roland Berger US is the place for you.”
  • “[We’re looking for] candidates keenly interested in the industrial segments of the economy.  Strong problem framing ability.  Team success oriented.  Three rounds of interviews-phone screen, first round-analytical, fit, case and second round-more detailed fit and interpersonal/influence testing.”
  • “The ideal candidate will have the ability to solve problems, desire to constantly learn, and interest in industries RB NA is focused in (industrials, auto, chemicals, energy, utilities, etc.).”
  • “The ideal candidate is dynamic, inquisitive/curious, motivated, a problem solver, smart and a team player.”

Interview Questions

  • “Typical cost reduction, strategy, M&A - very typical for consulting.”
  • “Business case methodology with time to prepare but then quizzed by two experienced leaders (partners/principals).”
  • “Simplified examples of real client problems including investment decisions, plant location and asset footprint, basic analytical skills.”
  • “Normal cases, written cases, business acumen interviews, etc.”
Roland Berger

37000 Woodward Ave, Suite 200
Bloomfield Hills
Detroit, MI 48304
Phone: (248) 729-5000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Senior Partner, Global Managing Partner: Stefan Schaible (Speaker)
Partner, Global Managing Director: Marcus Berret
Senior Partner, Global Managing Director: Denis Depoux
2023 Employees (All Locations): 3,000

Major Office Locations

Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Detroit, MI

Major Departments & Practices

  • Digital

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Operations

  • Private Equity

  • Restructuring, Performance, Transformation & Transaction

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Aerospace & Defense

  • Automotive

  • Chemicals

  • Civil Economics

  • Construction

  • Consumer Goods, Retail & Agribusiness

  • Energy & Utilities

  • Financial Services

  • Industrial Products & Services

  • Infrastructure

  • Pharma & Healthcare

  • Technology, Media & Telcos

  • Transportation, Tourism & Logistics