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About Slalom Consulting

Founded in Seattle in 2001, Slalom Consulting is a management and strategy IT implementation firm that places a strong emphasis on work-life balance; much of the firm's site is dedicated to this aspect of its approach to doing business, and it is regularly cited on lists of "Best Places to Work" as a result.

Alpine Slalom

While Slalom’s early work was dedicated exclusively to management consulting, over half of its business now comes from its tech operations, and it has been a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner since 2005.  Not only does this sought-after denotation add prestige to the Slalom name, but it also sees Microsoft regularly recommend Slalom consultants for implementation of its technology.

The firm has four main service areas: business management, technology enablement, organization effectiveness and information management, with business management and organization effectiveness encompassing much of the territory traditionally dominated by strategy consulting firms.  Slalom’s technology enablement sector covers all the appropriate bases; the firm is fully capable of designing, configuring and maintaining a corporate technology infrastructure from scratch.  Likewise, Slalom’s information management sector turns around client data in easy-to-access, easy-to-analyze formats.

Slalom Consulting

821 2nd Ave
Suite 1900
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206-438-5700

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Co-founder: John Tobin
Co-founder: Brad Jackson
2015 Employees (All Locations): 3,000

Major Office Locations

Los Angeles
New York
Orange County / San Diego
San Francisco
Silicon Valley
Washington D.C.

Major Departments & Practices

Customer Engagement
Delivery Leadership
Information Management and Analytics
Organizational Effectiveness
Products and Innovation
Strategy and Operations
Technology Enablement