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A Q&A with Stax Consultants

by Stax | May 21, 2024

In this Q&A, three consultants from Stax, a Boston-based consultancy, discuss what it's like to work for the firm.

Meet Sofia, from Infosys' Energy Practice

by Infosys | May 07, 2024

Sofia works with Infosys' Energy Practice in sales and collaborates closely with innovative startups in the space. Watch her video to hear about her experience.

Meet Polina, a Business Development Executive with Infosys

by Infosys | April 30, 2024

Polina is a business development executive at Infosys whose introduction to the company was the Instep internship in India. Read on to hear her story.

Meet Nidhi, a Sustainability Expert with Infosys

by Infosys | April 23, 2024

Nidhi discusses her internship with Infosys and the company's most important sustainability ventures.

Q&A with Advancy Consultant Fatine Cherradi

by Vault Consulting Editors | March 05, 2024

Join us as we chat with a consultant from Advancy about what the firm does and her experience in working with a variety of clients.

Why Trinity Life Sciences? Two Employees (and Former Interns) Weigh In

by Trinity Life Sciences | December 20, 2023

Two Trinity consultants, Lauren Tucker and Sejan Barr, speak to their internship experiences with Trinity and how it led them to join the team full-time.

How to Make the Most of an International Internship

by Payal Singh Chauhan | November 09, 2023

An international internship is an incredible opportunity—but how can you be sure you're getting everything out of it? Read on to find out!

Merging Tech with Business with My Infosys Instep Experience

by Lauren McNamara | October 26, 2023

Former Infosys Instep intern Lauren McNamara shares her experience of finding like-minded folks in her internship program.

Five of the Best Aspects of the Infosys InStep Program

by Ikenna Waturuocha | October 10, 2023

An Infosys Instep intern shares her experience with the program, and some of its best features.

InStep: My Experience as an Infosys Intern

by Dylan Kyle | September 18, 2023

Infosys Instep intern Dylan Kyle shares his experience with the organization, from the work experience he gained to the fun he had.