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AI Tools for Product Managers: Enhancing Efficiency and Innovation

by Rob Porter | May 15, 2024

Product managers can leverage AI tools to greatly enhance and improve workflow. Here's how.

Mastering the Market: In-Demand Skills for Product Managers in 2024

by Rob Porter | May 01, 2024

Product managers are responsible for overseeing a product's entire lifecycle. Here are some key skills that are in demand.

7 Common Job-Search Mistakes New International MBAs Make

by Marcelo Barros | August 13, 2019

Coming to the U.S. to pursue an MBA as an international student is a huge accomplishment. However, don’t forget that you have a lot of work ahead of you, especially if you’ll be seeking U.S. employment. Here are some common mistakes to avoid as you march toward your career goals.

5 Interview Question Types You Need to Nail to Land a Product Management Job

by RocketBlocks | November 26, 2018

Here are the five key types of product management interview questions that you should expect to face—and that you’ll need to ace to get a PM job.

4 Skills You Need as a Product Manager

by RocketBlocks | November 13, 2018

Leading tech firms look for an extremely strong competency in several key skills. Here we focus on four core “hard” skills that top tech firms want in PMs.