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Experienced in Health Care and/or PharmaceuticalsLos Angeles, CA2020VERIFIED EMPLOYEE
Quality of Life Review

Where DeciBio may lack in formality or brand prestige, it more than makes up for in culture and quality of life. For that reason, the firm's retention is well above consulting average (in my ~4 years at the firm, I've only seen 4 exits and 2 were from senior staff). Our team borders being too comfortable with each other, with staff regularly going to art, dance, exercise, cooking, and martial arts classes together after work and taking road trips, ski trips, camping trips, and vacations together on some weekends. Hours are fairly lax and the workload is manageable, with generous and flexible work-from-home policies (I've worked from home for half-days for ~6 months after getting a puppy). Late-night and weekend work is atypical and usually falls more on managers and partners. Travel requirements are light — typically 1-2 days per 6 weeks.

Probably the best part of the firm's culture is the lack of tangible hierarchy and the formalities / attitudes that come with it. The managers and partners are down-to-earth and have great social and working relationships with all of the staff. In addition to selecting for this attribute in candidate interviews, this philosophy trickles down to the junior staff, who are not competitive or cut-throat with each other as I've seen / heard at other firms.

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