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At a Glance


“Client set, type of work, responsibility and accountability, overall mentorship.”

“Learning opportunities from highly intellectual, friendly colleagues.”

“People, culture, work-life balance, responsibility, autonomy, growth opportunities.”


“Absence of laser focus on priorities.”

“Opaque pay structure.”

“Sometimes you have less autonomy in choosing what sort of project you have to work on based on the pipeline.”

About Kepler Cannon

The firm was established in 2013 after its founders decided to leave their respective employers and create a new consulting shop that aligned with their shared values. The company’s name is a combination of the names of two famous astronomers: Johannes Kepler and Annie Jump Cannon. Kepler Cannon’s founders believe that these historical figures best represent the firm’s penchant for ambition, curiosity, and independent thinking. The company has offices in New York, London, and India, with its corporate headquarters located in New York, New York.

Kepler Cannon provides its clients with a variety of consulting services, including opportunity assessment, supply chain management, customer experience and engagement, technology transformation, and efficiency and monetization. Those who are interested in a career with the firm can find open opportunities in each of its locations worldwide, with jobs in areas such as engagement management, consulting, and more. The company also offers a 10-week internship program for students.

Kepler Cannon believes a diverse workforce provides the unique perspectives that are required to develop innovative practices. As such, the company proudly hires from a diverse talent pool and fosters an inclusive workplace environment where each employee is given the same level of encouragement and support as they navigate their career.

Kepler Cannon

90 Broad Street
20th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Phone: (646) 480-9274

Firm Stats

Senior Partner: Sonny Ajmani
Managing Director: Lisa Caldwell

Major Office Locations

New York, NY
Guruguam, India

Major Departments & Practices

  • Fintech
  • Banking and Payments
  • Private Equity
  • Insurance
  • Asset and Wealth Management