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Vault’s Verdict

Roland Berger’s European heritage is a feature that many of its consultants across the APAC region love about their company. From the firm’s approach to work life balance to its industry-leading sustainability commitments, Roland Berger insiders regularly cite those roots as a key factor underlining their overall job satisfaction.

On a day-to-day basis, the company offers strong compensation packages, regular training and career development opportunities, and a great deal of flexibility about working location and hours. With insiders predicting a string of recent positive results to continue throughout 2023, this is a firm for those who want to play a role in continuing to build a challenger brand throughout the region—with the potential for international transfers to boot.

Firm Culture

“Aside from early responsibility and engaging challenges and projects, there is a strong culture in which the colleagues are there to support and grow with you! They are people that you can have a laugh with, at the same time people that you can consult with as well.”

“Due to its European origins, the company has a wealth of sustainability-related projects and knowledge.”

“If you're looking for a challenging job and a steppingstone, this company is good for you to consider. After 2-3 years, might be good to have an exit plan.”

“Our solution is very practical and executable, but not only a high-level direction. Also, we are showing full empathy, selling fishing but not only fish to the client, target bringing true value to client but not only finishing the project only according to the SOW at the beginning of the project.”

“Roland Berger achieved climate neutrality in 2020, aiming for net zero emissions.”

Quality of Life

“Best: We can [head home] every week when we are on work travel.

Worst: We still potentially have to work on weekends or national holidays.”

“Best: Generous in taking paid vacations and other leave.

Worst: Working hours are not sufficiently standardized.”

“Corporate values of excellence, entrepreneurship and empathy has allowed one to have responsibility right from the start. There often are many work-life balance Initiatives created to strengthen flexible working models and personal development!”

“The firm is very flexible in its working hours, as long as internal alignment is made with your team, most times we can take time off at dinner or have workouts in the evening without compromising the business. Travel to the office and abroad is also highly flexible, there is no hard mandate as long as efficiency is achieved and work is completed the firm aims to promote the best way that supports work life balance. Leaves and time offs can also be easily arranged to accommodate personal commitments as long as discussed beforehand.”

“There are many initiatives to strengthen flexible working models in Roland Berger. For example, our B&me initiative enables us to create personalized careers, including sabbaticals, MBA/PhD course, international assignment, social activities, and so on. The company has been improving the working environment based on regular employee engagement surveys.”


“Very transparent compensation across all levels. Regular adjustments to salary levels to meet inflation/ competition.”

“Best: Assistance with regular educational opportunities, such as English, accounting studies, and etc.

Worst: Insufficient subsidies for living conditions.”

“Steady growth of compensation package.”

“The firm gives ample opportunities for salary progression through bi-yearly reviews, bonuses are fairly assessed and they have also given retention bonus packages during COVID period. As long as base salaries are adjusted fairly to market that will be fair to employees.”

“There are progressive salary increases which are subjected a number of factors such as evaluations and performance - making this a very fair process.”

Career Development

“Best aspect: The promotion is very clear and we know how to perform to achieve career advancement.

Worst aspect: The potential 'up or out' rule exists and it creates too much pressure on every one of us.”

“Intense training sessions - each junior consultant will be sent abroad for a kick-off training with global colleagues. Roland Berger offers opportunity for international assignments and Masters/MBA programme through the B&me initiative.”

“Kick-off training not necessarily conducted for some new joiners upon their beginning at the firm - can be delayed to approx. 1 year later. Also, in the past it was done onsite (usually in the headquarters in Munich), but now it has become virtual.”

“Roland Berger has provided many platforms for opportunities to develop my career. Promotion processes are transparent, mentors speak to us openly and clearly on why they do or don’t think we can get promoted before the official discussions. This aligns people to the whole process and keeps employees clear on expectations. On your shortfalls, the firm provides ample training guidance both from a formal perspective as well as an informal guidance from partners and principals. The formal training is run often by professionals that have experience and targeted at the right skillset.”

“There is an intense new joiner's orientation week which was very helpful in getting started and finding my bearing. Following that there are also programs such as Case Training where it is an internal session on learning about how to structure a case, develop hypotheses etc. It happened in a small group, so it was more engaging and interactive.”

Community Engagement

“Diversity has a high priority for our management and many events are held to foster diverse cultures, such as celebrating International Women's Day, Pride Week, and so on. In Japan, LGBTQ+ is not often discussed in public, but hearing the real voices of colleagues from other countries can deepen your understanding of diversity.”

“I have not observed any discrimination based on race, gender or sexual orientation during the work.”

“Roland Berger ensures pay equity per level and equal promotion cycles. In terms of internal diversity efforts - there are events such as Diversity Day, and Women@Roland Berger which involve specific training for women, specific recruiting activities for female candidates etc.”

“This is an aspect the company is proud of. We are celebrating diversity.”

“Various LGBTQ+ initiatives and personal meetings (e.g., Lisbon in 2022), as well as Women@Roland Berger initiatives with frequent meetups.”

Business Outlook

“Best: Strength in several areas especially mobility, logistics, and consumer products areas.

Worst: Insufficient employee retention.”

“Key financial figures in '22 are excellent and above last year's successful result - Pipeline looks promising and there is incoming wave of new talent as well.’

“In terms of innovation - I see key innovation in 4 areas, being Climate Action, Smart Mobility, Next Generation Manufacturing and Robust Organization.”

“Our key financial figures for 2022 are excellent and the pipeline looks healthy. In Chinese market, we have strong relationship with leading players in many industries, from traditional industries to fast growing internet giants.”

“The Tokyo office has established ‘Value Collaboration Network’, a professional network with innovative companies and startups with different strengths in various areas such as AI, data analytics, and design thinking to realize value through joint projects. We are excited to be engaged in this new attempt that will drive the realization of their business not just develop a strategy.”

Hiring Process

“Diversity plays an important role in our selection process – we value diverse talents, strengths and perspectives; diverse teams create the most innovative and sustainable solutions.”

“Interview and callback is very dependent on the firm needs. No ideal candidate, as long as the attitude matches and it passes interviews all rounds, then all good.”

“Our company is looking for authentic winning personalities with an entrepreneurial spirit. As an interviewer, I try to understand what the candidate wants to achieve in their career and whether they fit our culture. As we work collaboratively with our colleagues and clients, personality is as important as logical thinking skill. Curiosity is also essential to maintain good performance on projects with a variety of clients.”

“Roland Berger is looking for authentic winning personalities with entrepreneurial spirit – therefore, high importance of personality in interview process. Diversity is also super important and plays an important role in our selection process – Roland Berger values diverse talents, strengths and perspectives; diverse teams create the most innovative and sustainable solutions.”

“When I took the interview, each interviewer put high importance on personality.”

Interview Questions

“A Chinese EV company wants to enter into Southeast Asia, which country would you recommend him to enter first?”

“Estimation of market size/sales of specific product or company.”

“They use interviewee-led style cases, similarly to those of other firms; partners may have preference towards market sizing for entry-level applicants.”

“Typical case questions such as sales strategy for tourist attraction, growth strategy for tire manufacturer and so on.”

“We will select case or questions based on the candidate's experience and background.”

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