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Vault’s Verdict

A firm that is still finding its feet across the APAC region, Simon-Kucher’s biggest issue at the moment appears to be around brand recognition. While there is certainly no shortage of the kinds of projects the firm is renowned for in Europe and North America, insiders note that the firm’s reputation means it doesn’t yet get the same consideration in APAC.

Of course, that presents an opportunity for entrepreneurially-minded consultants to play more of a role in raising the firm’s profile, as well as winning and delivering work—all of which are excellent resume-building activities on top of the actual client work. 

Those issues aside, there’s little doubt that SKP represents an excellent career opportunity for anyone seeking to specialize in pricing strategy. In addition to developing industry-leading capabilities in that niche, SKP insiders also enjoy good quality of life, competitive compensation, and an open, friendly working environment. If all of that sounds like a good fit, you should have no reservations about checking this firm out further.

Firm Culture

“A collegial culture of diverse consultants innovating the way businesses solve problems in Australia.”

“Do not expect everything to have a policy or process in place. Lots of things are WIP and people are expected to be self-motivated and get answers rather than waiting for things to be told to them.”

“Explore the unique expertise of SKP and turn them into unique values to international and local companies in China market.”

“For a consulting company, Simon-Kucher is amongst the best in terms of output, work life balance and company culture. I truly believe we are underrated but well on our way to be a 1st tier company.

“[The firm’s key differentiator is] Pricing, because that’s our niche. But in terms of company I would say the independence that the firm gives to its employees to do work however they want as long as outcome is stellar for the client.”

Quality of Life

“Great work life balance and everyone respects quality of work rather than hours in the office.”

“Best: allows for hybrid working, delivery of a plan to better work-life balance and continual perks like a world meeting every year to meet international colleagues and bond. 

Worst: travel requirements can get tiring.”

“Focus on work/life balance, easy to take time off.” 

“Partner is accommodating and committed to hybrid work.

Worst - claiming for overtime is tedious.”

“The best aspects are hybrid working and not encouraging working at weekend. We have flexible working hours and can work 2-3 days at home even post-COVID. The company respects employees' private time and won't push people to work at weekend in normal situations. 

The worst aspect is in emerging markets such as China, the whole traveling system hasn't been set up well; the travel allowance policy seems to not fit the market well.”


“Health coverage for family not provided, no clear policy for paternity leave.”

“The best compensation package may go to partner's profit sharing plan. The worst aspect may be for China office there is no local HR manager to take care local benefits, so the perk system is not as mature as other offices.”

Career Development

“Best - partners care about development.

Worst - fixed promotion cycle.”

“There are so many opportunities to grow, and management is very supportive. Also, the review process is well-structured.”


1) Clear fast-track promotion possibilities and great guidance by partners on what metrics need to be hit in order to qualify 

2) Amazing online training opportunities by more senior colleagues on specific Simon-Kucher skills on the online portal cornerstone 

3) Non-hierarchical culture allows you to meet and develop relationships with whomever you need to within the company fairly easily 

4) Entrepreneurial culture where we will almost always get what we ask for in terms of growth opportunities and additional responsibilities 


1) None that are significant enough to write about honestly.”

“The best aspects are the formal training system and rotation opportunity. There are rich courses with qualified external and internal trainers, and you could customize your growth plan based on your own interest and aspiration. For rotation, you have the chance to apply to work in other offices if you have more than 2 years’ experience in SKP.

The worst aspect probably is the company is still in the journey of [improving] diversity, so when we recruit talents, traditional criterial and ways of testing haven't been changed much, such as prestigious education background, case study testing are still dominant elements.”

Community Engagement

“A lot is being done to improve our performance in D&I in a very short time and I will recognise that effort. In the Singapore office, I do believe that all consultants have equal opportunities regardless of sex, sexuality, gender, race etc.”

“Definitely consultants have equal access to high quality work in SKP. We even treat interns as our full time consultants to let them attend all formal and informal trainings and let them have some perks as full time consultants, such as festival allowance.”

“When we arrange staffing, will consider consultants' yearly goal and their preference to make better arrangement.”

“Multiple resource groups have been created to start dialogue and include best practices into the system.”

“They are starting employee resource groups, and all consultants at the firm have the same opportunities.”

Business Outlook

“Employee morale is high within the growing team. The company continues to expand and support the APAC offices (which are relatively new).”

“Niche area, but expanding into other verticals and digital/IT implementations.”

“The best aspects are SKP gains great reputation from excellent deliverables and all consultants work best. We bring tangible value to our clients.

The worst aspect may go to low profile and marketing activity is limited.”

Hiring Process

“4-5 round interviews after screening resume, including on-site case, presentation, individual interview with peers, line managers and partners.

Ideal candidate - highly motivated with solid analytical skills, entrepreneurship, good business sense, down to earth and presentable.”

“Grads go through about 4 interviews after initial testing and screening. The ideal candidate is data driven, capable of learning and thinking quickly. “

“Ideal candidate would be smart, good with numbers and humble.” 

“Quick feedback on applications and after interviews.”

Interview Questions

“Given elasticities, determine how much and which product/client will do better if price changes, etc.”

“Profit case, growth strategy case.”

“Regular case interviews with a focus on pricing.”

“SKP highly values the recruitment process as there is no ‘up or out’ rule and the company puts great efforts on growing and coaching new consultants. Typical interview will cover 4-5 rounds based on the level of position. Some examples of case questions - growth opportunities through data analysis and present after preparing PPT slides on site.”

“There is a lot of specific graph and data interpretation.”

Simon-Kucher Asia-Pacific

Willy-Brandt-Allee 13
Bonn 53113

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Andreas von der Gathen
Chief Executive Officer: Mark Billige

Major Office Locations

Bonn, Germany (HQ)
45 offices in 30 country

Affiliated Companies
Major Departments & Practices

  • Consumer
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Industrials
  • Technology, Media, & Telecom
  • Commercial Strategy & Pricing Consulting
  • Customer, Product, & Market Strategy
  • Pricing & Revenue Management
  • Sales Excellence
  • Sustainability
  • Software for Commercial Growth
  • Digital Growth
  • Transaction Services & Private Equity