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Gerald Buck is the editor of EJobApplications’ career resources, an online tool for job seekers offering free downloadable job application forms, career advice, interview and resume tips. He can be reached via email at or on Twitter @eJobApplication.

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7 Things You Need to Do to Win Promotion

by Gerald Buck | August 14, 2014

Ever wondered how to stand out and get ahead at work? Follow these tips all the way up the career ladder!

How to Jumpstart Your Post-Grad Job Search

by Gerald Buck | July 29, 2014

Congratulations, new graduate! Now it's time to make the transition from student to employee. If you haven't already lined up a job coming out of college, here's some advice to get you started.

3 Ways to Tailor Your Resume For the Position

by Gerald Buck | May 08, 2014

Want to get your resume past the auto filters and HR managers so you can actually get invited for an interview? Here are three tips to help you do that.

8 Interview Questions That Will Catch Hiring Managers Off Balance

by Gerald Buck | April 22, 2014

Interviews aren't just about answering questions--sometimes knowing which questions to ask can make all the difference when it comes to impressing your interviewer.

How to Leverage Your Strengths on a Job Interview

by Gerald Buck | April 03, 2014

From the elevator pitch to providing examples of workplace strengths, there are several tips and techniques that every candidate should know before heading into the job interview.