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There is quite a bit of formal training that you endure as an intern, new hire, and even an experienced staff member. You attend onboarding sessions as an intern and new hire that are designed to teach you about basically everything that you will encounter throughout your time at Crowe, including firm policies, best practices, software, and more. Later on you also attend more training sessions to further your knowledge, enhance your abilities, and prepare you for future roles with the organization. You are always learning new things and will never be "stuck" at a certain level. There are so many other informal training sessions that take place as well, including Lunch & Learns that cover various accounting topics taught by members of the firm, informal training by your peers, and online webinars and training courses in just about every topic you can imagine. One of the best aspects of the firm's overall career development opportunities is the unlimited access you have to new learning materials.

Crowe also has a system in place where you are matched with a peer liaison and a career coach that is designed to ensure everyone is growing a meeting their personal goals. The peer liaison is your "buddy" who serves as a resource when you need assistance and helps you with everyday tasks. The career coach, on the other hand, helps you develop a Measure What Matters plan where you create a Growth Plan and set goals to help you achieve that plan. You will then meet with your career coach on a regular basis to discuss your MWM Plan and determine how you are contributing to achieving your goals. This system is extremely beneficial in ensuring that you are growing as a person and employee, as well as ensuring that your goals are aligned with the firm's goals.

You are also encouraged to obtain CPA Licensure. A CPA License is necessary in order to be promoted to manager-level and the firm acknowledges the importance of obtaining it. In order to assist with this Crowe has partnered with some of the larger CPA Study Courses and offers the courses at a substantial discount. The firm also reimburses you for your expenses related to the CPA Exam up to a certain amount and even offers bonuses if you pass all 4 exams within 1 or 2 years. If that isn't extremely motivating I don't know what is!

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