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Quality of Life Review

The Where to Work initiative that allows you to work from home or any other remote location is extremely beneficial in maintaining your work/life balance. You are able to easily schedule your workday around your personal schedule if you need to attend a doctor's appointment or have the cable guy coming over. It is also very easy to schedule vacation time. Not only do you have quite a bit of Paid Time Off, you do not need to jump through hoops to use it. You can simply email the members of your team in advance and change your status on Skype and you are good to go. You are, however, expected to not take time off during busy season or other high-volume times, so that is something to always keep in mind.

The What to Wear policy is awesome. You can wear jeans to work on any given day (as long as you do not have important meetings or client interaction). You are still required to look presentable, but you are not required to wear a suit all day every day which is something to enjoy.

Overall, the culture is very inviting. The people working alongside you are very open and you are welcome to ask them questions any time. There are quite a few outings that you get invited to in order to celebrate certain milestones or simply get to know each other better on a more personal level. You are also encouraged to take breaks throughout the day by the CEO and play some ping pong or just chat with others, so that is always refreshing!

You do spend more time in the office than usual during busy season, but that is combatted by the large number of hours you get for Paid Time Off.

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