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Vault’s Verdict

Arthur D. Little offers a robust platform for growth and development, especially for those new to the consulting scene, with insiders expressing their satisfaction both with the quality of their colleagues and the firm’s broad client base.

As a well-known name in the field, ADL is in the position to be able to offer global opportunities despite a relatively small headcount (at least compared to many of its multi-regional competitors). As such, the opportunity to learn on the job—and across markets—is a key selling point for the firm. However, that scale can also translate to long hours, as well as a lack of unified processes across the company—meaning that mileage will vary depending on supervisors and location.

All told, however, this is a firm with few drawbacks and the opportunity for consultants to make a big splash in helping to drive it to the next level. If hard work and an entrepreneurial attitude are among your personal selling points, this may well be the firm you’re looking for.


Employee Reviews

Firm Culture

  • "Category killer (Automotive & Manufacturing industry).”
  • "Excellent learning opportunities to build your career in strategy consulting.”
  • "If you are a new entrant in the consulting world, ADL can be an ideal place to be as it will give you immense opportunities to learn and grow early in your career while maintaining your personal life.”
  • “Paid to learn.”
  • "Work culture and unique positioning.”

Quality of Life

  • "Best: Quick to adopt new systems for WLB.”
  • "Best: free coffee/tea.”
  • "Long working hours on the weekdays that could extend up to midnight depending on the Projects.”
  • "We have flexible work hours and managers and partners are very helpful in setting the expectations, which takes the stress away at times. Non-toxic work environment due to a smaller office in India, which is a blessing in disguise.”
  • "Worst: long working hours and no effective initiatives have been taken.”

Career Development

  • "At Arthur D. Little's Middle East and India office you get opportunity to work on a lot of interesting projects both domestically and internationally which increases your exposure and builds your expertise.”
  • "Best: Reflects individual competence properly.”
  • "Best: Career opportunity.”
  • "Since ADL MIE is growing aggressively, there are a lot of opportunities to grow within the organization. We get domestic and international training opportunities, which helps you build your knowledge base.”


  • "Best: Salaries are going up a little bit.”
  • "Generally, ADL delivers on what it promises in terms of pay.”
  • "We do not have profit sharing at the lower levels.”
  • "Worst: low salary compared to MBB.”

Community Engagement

  • "At the India office, we don't have people with disabilities, but we have gender pay equality at the same level. I do believe here everyone has access to interesting/high-quality work and promotion opportunities.”
  • "No discriminations (including reverse); all is considered by performance.”
  • "Promoting the advancement of women.”

Business Outlook

  • "ADL still doesn't get the respect it deserves in the industry at times.”
  • "We have had a really good last couple of years in terms of growth and expect it to continue in the future as well.”

Hiring Process

  • "ADL looks for people who are quick learners and can think on their feet.”
  • "ADL has set high standards in terms of hiring and is also open to people coming from non-consulting backgrounds provided they can add value and have a desire to learn and contribute.”
  • "I felt that personality is important.”
  • "I was a campus hire and my interview process was pretty quick. We had the shortlist a week before the interview and all the interviews were conducted in a day. I got the spot offer immediately after the partner round.”

Interview Questions

  • "I had four case interview rounds ranging from guesstimates, market entry, and digital strategy to M&A.”
  • "One case interview was based totally on my experience. Others were relatively straightforward cases as mentioned above.”
Arthur D. Little Asia

The Hong Kong Club Building
3A Chater Road, Level 16
Central Hong Kong

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Global CEO: Ignacio Garcia Alves

Major Office Locations

Hong Kong, CN
Bangkok, TH
Gurgaon, IN
Seoul, KP
Shanghai, CN
Singapore, SG
Tokyo, JP

Major Departments & Practices

Strategy & Organization
Technology & Innovation Management
Operations Management