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Experienced in Business OperationsAtlanta, GA2020VERIFIED EMPLOYEE
Career Development Review

I am especially proud of our training and development program. We provide a significant level of responsibility on the job, and then we provide a support system to ensure that each individual can thrive. This program includes over 20 different training modules for critical skills (both content and process) needed to be successful. Each individual is given a Mentor and a Coach, with whom they create personal development goals annually. We also have a tremendous focus on OTJ feedback, taking a monthly survey to ensure we are giving enough feedback in a timely and constructive manner.

Once challenge we face is ensuring consistent project experience. We place a lot of emphasis on ensuring no individual sits on "the bench" for too long, but sometimes it does happen. The leadership team keeps a close eye on this and tries to find other ways to provide learning opportunities. Still, we are working on ensuring that growth and development can continue at a rapid pace even outside of a project role.

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