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Throughout history, people have always gambled in some form or another. Gambling might not have been done in casinos as we know them today, but it was gambling just the same.

The word “casino” comes from an Italian word which means little house. Casinos were originally rooms or houses which were used exclusively for pleasure and entertainment. By the 19th century, casinos became larger pubic facilities where gambling and sporting events took place.

As gambling in casinos has developed, so did a wide array of casino games. These games are often separated into three categories. There are gaming machines such as slots, random number games such as roulette, and keno and table games such as blackjack or craps.

Casinos may feature a variety of casino games including blackjack, craps, roulette, poker, baccarat, and more. Dealers make these games enjoyable and fun for patrons while assuring that they are played fairly.

Although dealers were not always formally trained, today most complete gaming academies and dealer schools. This assures that patrons will have the best and most professional experience possible when playing table games.