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Best Consulting Firms in EMEA for Diversity

Vault's Diversity ranking is based on how well firms perform in four individual diversity categories as well as an overall ranking.
Survey Methodology

Vault’s survey asked consultants to rate their firm’s diversity with respect to women, with respect to minorities, with respect to lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) individuals, and with respect to individuals with disabilities. When asking consultants to assess their firm’s diversity in these categories, we asked them to think about hiring, promoting, mentoring and other programs.

To determine an overall diversity score, we took the average of the scores firms received in each of the four diversity categories (women, minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and individuals with disabilities).

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Each year Vault invites eligible consulting firms to participate in our annual Consulting Survey. Please contact us if you’re interested in having your firm considered for inclusion.

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2023 Best Consulting Firms in EMEA for Minorities

SCORE 9.423
2022 Not Ranked
SCORE 9.205
2022 Not Ranked
SCORE 9.114
2022 Not Ranked
SCORE 9.042
2022 Not Ranked
SCORE 9.019
2022 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.864
2022 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.846
2022 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.806
2022 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.710
2022 Not Ranked
SCORE 8.583
2022 Not Ranked