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4 Music Careers for Non-Musicians

by Leo Nguyen | October 13, 2020

If you love music and want to build a career in or around it, here are some of the top careers you should consider.

Top 8 Jobs for Communications Majors

by Jane Hurst | November 04, 2019

If you have an undergraduate degree in communications, there are many jobs available to you—no matter if you’re a recent grad or experienced professional looking to switch careers.

How Networking Helped Me Get My First Internship

by Rachel Halpern | August 13, 2018

Networking goes a long way, and this has proven true for an editorial intern at Vault. Find out what she learned while networking her way to her first internships.

3 Careers Where Women Burn Out Before Age 30

by Amanda Riojas via Fairygodboss | September 27, 2017

3 careers where women burn out fast

Spotting Fake News: A New Career Skill?

by Phil Stott | July 31, 2017

The rise of fake news sources is creating new problems--and opportunities--for careers in journalism

Alternative Paths For Your Journalism Degree

by Jon Minners | October 25, 2016

For college students majoring in journalism who are worried about the state of the industry today, take some solace knowing there are a number of lucrative job opportunities available that won't require you to work in newspapers, magazines or TV news.

A Legal Reporter on Covering the Law

by Matt Moody | March 08, 2016

Blake Edwards is self-proclaimed "recovering lawyer covering law"—a legal journalist for Bloomberg BNA  who was previously a Circuit Court clerk,...