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Advice for International Students Looking for Sponsorship in 2024

by Vault Careers | February 05, 2024

With this year’s H-1B visa registration season quickly approaching, we address what international students should be doing now to get hired in 2024.

How International Students Can Improve Their Chances of Getting H-1B Visas

by Derek Loosvelt | March 13, 2022

This year’s H-1B visa registration season is well underway. Here's what international students need to be doing now.

MBA Virtual Career Fair: International Student Job Search Fireside Chat

by Firsthand | March 03, 2022

This special chat is geared towards international MBAs, and covers the H-1B lottery, the advantages that international students bring to employers, and more.

Firsthand's MBA Virtual Career Fair: Keynote by George Bradt

by Firsthand | February 25, 2022

On Friday, February 11, Firsthand held an MBA Virtual Career Fair. Kicking off the Fair was a keynote speech focused on onboarding by George Bradt.

4 Reasons Management Consulting Could Be a Great Career Fit

by Vibhu Sinha | February 03, 2022

Managament consulting is one of the most rewarding career paths. Find out why it might be the perfect fit for you.

Register for Firsthand's MBA Virtual Career Fair

by Firsthand | January 04, 2022

On February 11, Firsthand will host an MBA Virtual Career Fair for MBAs looking for internships and full-time roles. Find out more and how to register here.

4 Tips for Building Lasting Career Relationships Through Informational Interviews

by David Solloway | November 09, 2020

Here are four tips that will help you land informational interviews and take full advantage of them.

10 Podcasts and Audiobooks That Will Boost Your Career

by David Solloway | October 21, 2020

This wide range of podcasts and audiobooks will inspire and advise you as you conduct your job search and grow your career.

How Can Consultants Help Clients Navigate Innovation in the Digital Age?

by Roman Fernandez, Senior Consultant, Roland Berger | July 28, 2020

Roland Berger's rotation program offers consultants from around the world an opportunity to drive innovation. Learn more from a Roland Berger Senior Consultant.

Is Now a Good Time to Get an Online MBA?

by Sarah Daren | April 29, 2020

After COVID-19, businesses and professionals will be needed to help the economy get back on track. Could an online MBA be the thing that helps you help others?