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Agricultural Equipment Technicians


Agricultural equipment technicians work with modern farm machinery. They assemble, adjust, operate, maintain, modify, test, and even help design it. This machinery includes automatic animal feeding systems; milking machine systems; and tilling, planting, harvesting, irrigating, drying, and handling equipment. Agricultural equipment technicians work on farms or for agricultural machinery manufacturers or dealerships. They often supervise skilled mechanics and other workers who keep machines and systems operating at maximum efficiency. Agricultural equipment technicians are sometimes known as farm equipment mechanics and farm equipment service technicians. Approximately 43,000 agricultural equipment mechanics and technicians are employed in the United States.

Salary Range

$25,000 to $75,000

Minimum Education Level

High School Diploma




About as Fast as the Average
Personality Traits


Hands On


Career Ladder
Farm Manager or Agricultural Engineer

Experienced Agricultural Equipment Technician

Entry-Level Agricultural Equipment Technician