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Bonnie Prudden, a fitness and exercise enthusiast, first developed myotherapy in 1976. During the 1970s, Prudden worked for Dr. Janet Travell, the former personal physician to President John F. Kennedy. Together they treated chronic pain using trigger point injection therapy. Prudden would identify the trigger points on the patient's body with ink, then Dr. Travell would inject the sites with a solution of procaine (a type of local anesthetic) and saline. Afterwards, Prudden would conduct muscle exercises and teach patients stretching exercises to do at home in order to keep the muscle strong and relaxed. By chance, while working on a patient, Prudden found that by holding the pressure to trigger points for a longer period of time, the same relief was achieved without the use of invasive needles and solutions. In 1979, the Bonnie Prudden School of Physical Fitness and Myotherapy was established in Tucson, Arizona.