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Pest Control Workers


Pest control as an industry is a fairly recent development. In earlier times, fumigators were often brought into houses where someone had suffered a highly contagious disease, such as smallpox, to rid the house of germs. The most common method of banishing germs was to burn a large amount of an antiseptic that was a highly corrosive substance, such as sulfur. However, this practice was dangerous to humans and often damaged furniture and household goods.

As scientists researched and tested chemicals, it was discovered that the application of certain chemicals as a method of controlling pests in homes and offices was effective. Chemical research in the 20th century made possible the use of a variety of substances that are toxic to pests but not harmful to people, pets, or household furnishings, when they are used in the proper quantities.

The use of specially trained pest control technicians arose from this need for precision and knowledge in the application of treatments, and today, the pest control industry does billions of dollars a year in business.