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Polina works in the Infosys Zurich office as a Business Development Executive in the Energy sector. An Instep internship alum, she discusses in the below video how the internship immersed her in Indian culture and prepared her for joining the company full time, including allowing her and her now-manager to get to know each other. She also provides advice to those interested in joining the Infosys Instep program in the future.


Hi, I'm Polina Beck. I am working as a business development executive at Infosys in Zurich, Switzerland.  I did my MBA in Switzerland at the University of St. Gallen. During that time, we had a presentation about the great opportunity to do an Instep internship in India, which then turned into full-time employment.

I would say there were several factors which made me choose Infosys. On the one hand, it was great to have glimpses into the Indian culture. We went to a national park, a local school where we learned some dancing, we had yoga classes, we did some mandala drawing, and just also a lot of hanging out with interns and having a wonderful time in India. Friendships and partnerships that we've created throughout the internship, I hope that will last. From my batch, I think there are already six or more other interns who've joined Infosys.

It was very valuable to get to know my mentor, who is now my manager, during the Instep internship. It was an opportunity to get to know each other to see if we were the right match. And I know, for example, that there are Infosys meetings each year where all professionals, like from the sales vertical get to meet.

I think in terms of career development, there are many opportunities. The one account team, which I was part of, got a silver award for the best mega account. When you see what other achievements other teams have made, it is also very motivating to see the room for growth, and not just in terms of being recognized, but just how much you can achieve. There is room to grow. My advice to future applicants and interns would be to try to embrace all the opportunities that they have. It is also a steppingstone into the organization. So if you're interested in future employment, it's a rare opportunity you should take advantage of.