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Meet Nidhi, a Sustainability Expert with Infosys

Nidhi is a sustainability and design expert with Infosys, as well as a former intern with the Infosys Instep internship program. In the below video, she discusses what drew her to the Instep program, as well as the importance of sustainability to the firm and some of its most impactful sustainability efforts.


My name is Nidhi Gulati. I am part of the sustainability practice at Infosys. I ended up at Infosys via the Instep program. What made me apply to Instep was how customizable and unique an internship program it is. And for me to do an internship, it had to be an internship that took into account the experience that I had and the aspirations that I had for the future.

Instep was a program that would be a customized internship. There could be a place for recognizing the skill set that I brought in and finding a fit. We [Sustainability] are still a young practice inside Infosys. We have a lot of knowledge about how to be a sustainable enterprise—because Infosys is a sustainable enterprise. I think it's important to lead by example at the scale that we have. And at that scale, it's important for us to be carbon-neutral ourselves—and we've done that, and we've done that by thinking about our offices and our campuses in a way that minimizes resource consumption.

We've also done that by creating a lot of our own resources on renewable energy and using that for our energy needs. And then we've also really thought about community investment instead of carbon credits. So, like, carbon offsetting by investing in communities. Leading by example, I think is extremely important, and Infosys does that.

That is the place where I aim to go, where we can just infuse sustainability, social responsibility, and social impact into the way we deliver our services.