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Infosys InStep Internship Program
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InStep provides you a unique mix of experiences - exploring a new culture, working on a project of strategic relevance for the company and networking with interns from the world over.

A major part of intern’s work day involves project work under the guidance of the Project Mentor. The mentor closely works with the intern to set deliverable goals and provide direction. Throughout the internship, variety of activities are organized to provide the intern an opportunity to interact with professionals from different campuses and levels.

Right from learning dance moves in Bollywood Workshops to understanding the company’s vision in ‘Meet the Leader’ series, there is excitement at every corner. The sprawling Bangalore campus spreads across 85 acres echoes a legacy of over 33 years and acts as an inspiration to many.

 Meet The Instep Class Of 2018

Meet the InStep Class of 2018

Here are a few interesting glimpses into the life of an intern

Interns enhance their learning by participating in Business Plan competition organized every year where the Instep interns form teams to present their business plans to an esteemed panel of judges. These teams go through several rounds of evaluation and make their final presentation to the judges. One team is finally selected and their project may recommended to be implemented using the innovation fund. Winners also get the opportunity to dine with Mr. Narayana Murthy, Founder of Infosys and InStep.

 Meeting The Founder Of Infosys Mr Narayana Murthy On The 20Th Anniversary Of Instep’

Meeting the Founder of Infosys, Mr. Narayana Murthy on the 20th anniversary of InStep

Excursions are organized for the interns to introduce them to the rich and lively culture of India which is so diverse that the local language and tradition changes every 50 miles. It is a three-day event full of fun, food and friendship aimed at embracing the Indian culture.

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Apart from gymnasiums and sports facilities on campus to offer that offers a complete live-work experience, interns also make weekend trips to explore India and visit tourist hotspots such as the Taj Mahal, beaches of Goa and backwaters of Kerala. 

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