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Diet and Fitness Writers

The Job

Diet and fitness writers work in the field of communications. Specifically, they deal with the written word, whether it is destined for the printed page, broadcast, or a computer screen. The nature of their work is as varied as the materials they produce. They may write health and fitness articles for books, magazines, and journals. They also contribute to scientific research and technical reports. Many writers promote new or traditional aspects of diet or fitness, such as the Atkins or Paleo diets or the various forms of yoga. They may write advertisement copy or contribute to health and fitness segments for radio and television broadcasts.

Many successful diet and fitness writers have extensive educational or work experience related to their subject matter. However, those with specialized degrees and certifications must be able to communicate clearly with their intended audience. For example, a registered dietitian with an extensive background in biology and chemistry who writes for a general publication must be able to break down highly technical information on food composition into terms the average reader can understand and use.

Diet and fitness writers can be employed either as in-house staff or as freelancers. Pay varies according to experience and position, but freelancers must provide their own office space and equipment such as computers and fax machines. Freelancers also are responsible for keeping tax records, sending out invoices, negotiating contracts, and providing their own health insurance.