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Fitness Directors


Ask most people what they would like to change about their lifestyle, and many of them will answer, "to exercise more and get in better shape." The desire to be fit is not a recent development, but there are many more options available today than ever in the past.

The fitness industry has seen many changes. Not so long ago, men worked out by pumping iron in their basements, while women were more prone to working out in front of a television to the likes of Jane Fonda. Now, you can work out by going to a spa for an aerobics class and facial all in one day. Exercise is no longer simply something you have to do alone in your basement or in a sweaty, smelly gym. Today, people have options to get in shape. You can work out while on vacation, during your lunch hour in your office building, between classes at school, or even, for the young, at your local daycare center. Fitness has become more accessible and easier to incorporate into our busy work and social lives.

In addition, expanded fitness programming is appealing to a larger audience than before. Programming used to be dominated by floor aerobics. Now, you can take a class in urban dance, Spinning (cycling), aerial yoga (part yoga, part acrobatics), Aqua Zumba (the popular Latin-inspired dance fitness program conducted in the water, instead of on land), or BODYPUMP (weight lifting). All of these options are possible because of the hard work and organizational skills of fitness directors.