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Household Movers


Until recently, most people did not move very often. Once settled, individuals tended to stay in the same area for much of their lives. A family might move to a different address in the same town, but long-distance moves and multiple moves in a short span of years were unusual. It was around the beginning of the 20th century, when the automobile began its transformation of American life, that families became less stationary. The trend toward more frequent moving continues to this day.

In recent decades especially, shifting factors in local and national economies have created many attractive new jobs across the United States while other jobs have faded in importance and desirability. These new job opportunities, together with inexpensive, easily available transportation, have spurred many people to uproot themselves from their old homes to seek a better life. Individuals and families also make major moves for other reasons, such as to attend a particular school, to live in a more pleasant climate, or to live closer to friends or relatives.

As our society became more mobile, the need arose for professional moving assistance. Few individuals or families have access to a vehicle large enough to transport an entire home. Household movers transport our beds, carpets, dishes, clothes, and the almost infinite variety of things we need or cherish. For many people facing life in new surroundings, the ability to keep necessary and personal items can help provide comfort and a sense of continuity while adjusting to a move.