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Our Community

Weil’s culture, in the words of some of its leadership:

  • “What has always struck me about this Firm and what has kept me here for the past 35 years is that people want to give of themselves. It’s not a chore or a mandate. Quite the contrary – it is in our DNA, it’s what makes our culture special.” – Barry M. Wolf, Executive Partner
  • “This is a firm where I think the culture is not only strong as it is, it’s a priority from the top. We don’t really accept or tolerate someone who is not operating in a way that is not consistent with that culture. I am proud of that.” – Michael J. Aiello, Chairman of the Corporate Department
  • “There is so much that is wonderful about Weil: our clients, our culture, and our excellence. I regularly give new associates these tips:  listen to others actively and with generosity. Be kind to yourself and others. Be curious and have a passion for learning new things. Change is a certainty. Love it, go with it, don’t fight it.” – Liz Weiswasser, Co-Chair of the Litigation Department
  • “If you think about the leaders of the law firm, very few grew up with silver spoons in their mouth. This place is built around people who are high energy, motivated, want to be successful, and really love practicing law. The lawyers at Weil didn’t go to law school because they couldn’t figure out what else to do with their lives. They went to law schools because they wanted to be lawyers.” – David J. Lender, Co-Chair of the Litigation Department
  • “Success to me, professionally, means looking forward to coming to work each day. I wake up excited for that day’s challenges and feel incredibly blessed to be working at a firm with such brilliant minds and terrific people.” – Jessica Falk, partner
  • “I am passionate about fighting for racial justice, and deeply proud of Weil’s pro bono work that is so integral to our Firm culture. During my time at Weil, I have been touched by the impact a strong lawyer can have in advocating for underserved communities. Together we can make a difference.” – Charan Sandhu, Co-Head of Technology & IP Transactions practice
  • “I cannot overemphasize the importance of building your internal network at Weil.  At Weil our collaborative culture is our greatest strength.  Throughout your career, teachers, mentors, allies, sponsors and friends will come from the Weil network. These are people with whom you will collaborate to grow your broader network and develop business. It starts with Weil.” – Lyuba Goltser, Co-Head of Public Company Advisory Group
  • “I do believe the best way to foster enhanced diversity is to ensure that all attorneys are offered the opportunity to thrive through fair allocation of work assignments, active mentoring and sponsorship and sharing work opportunities within the Firm as well as with clients. If we continue to build on this foundation, we will invariably see more success in the years to come.” – Trey Muldrow, partner
  • "Working in a place where everyone knows and really care about each other is something that you can’t replicate or manufacture. And we really have that here.” – Courtney Marcus, Co-Managing partner of Weil’s Dallas Office